Best sounding reggae on analog?

What are everyone's opinions on the best sounding vinyl albums for reggae? I've bought a few Marley (Exodus, Kaya, Uprising) but none of them sound very good.

I was listening to the MFSL "Exodus" this weekend and it sounds great. Recently picked up Bunny Wailer "Liberation" (not MFSL), and it sounds pretty good, too.
I got an early UK copy of Exodus on Island (with the "Bob Marley and the Wailers in white lettering) last week. It easily bests the MFSL, IMHO.
I remember when my friend spinned me a record that I was stunned by its dareness to turn famous Led Zeppeling songs onto Raggae.
This band is called Dred Zeppelin and the album is Un-Led-Ed.
Highly Rec-O-Men-Ded.