Best sounding reggae on analog?

What are everyone's opinions on the best sounding vinyl albums for reggae? I've bought a few Marley (Exodus, Kaya, Uprising) but none of them sound very good.

Nina Hagen's "African Raggee" from the album "Unbehaggen".
"I wanna go to Africa
To the black Jerusaleam
To the black jungle..."
I have a few LP's and 12inches by Black Uhuru.
Here is the AMG link:
Kaya, Survival, and Uprising all sound very good on the UK pressed versions.. don't know what you're talking about...Of course this is reggae we're talking about and not Reference Recordings...
Peter Tosh "Mystic Man' on UK pressing sounds pretty good.
Third World "96' in the Shade" one of my favorites on Jap vinyl.
MFSL Bob Marley "Catch a Fire" sounds pretty darn good.
Steel Pulse "True Democracy" and "Earth Crisis"
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I have the MFSL versions of "Exodus" and "Catch A Fire" and I think they sound excellent. They shouldn't be too hard to find either.
I was listening to the MFSL "Exodus" this weekend and it sounds great. Recently picked up Bunny Wailer "Liberation" (not MFSL), and it sounds pretty good, too.
I got an early UK copy of Exodus on Island (with the "Bob Marley and the Wailers in white lettering) last week. It easily bests the MFSL, IMHO.
I remember when my friend spinned me a record that I was stunned by its dareness to turn famous Led Zeppeling songs onto Raggae.
This band is called Dred Zeppelin and the album is Un-Led-Ed.
Highly Rec-O-Men-Ded.
IMO, audiophile sound quality is not what one should be listening to classic reggae for (or to anything for, really)...
it is hard to go wrong with recent pressings from simply vinyl.

everyone has their favories, but i would argue that it would be difficult to find better than peter tosh equal rights. of course, burning spear's garvey's ghost can't be beat.

the bmw reissues are fantastic, but not always superior than the latest 140g reissues.

otherwise, look for the late 70s/early80s island pressings, especially where they put some $ behind the bands. also worth checking out the virgin pressings, notably those from bands like the gladiators, abyssinians, etc.

try to stick w/ UK, Canadian, and US pressings. JA pressings are a nightmare.
Nina Hagen is for those who think there just isn't enough yodeling in reggae. I recommend "Nunsexmonkrock" if you want the full Nina Hagen experience. OK,I confess, I love her.
I like compilation reggae albums, few artists (imo)other than Bob Marley produce solid recordings start to finish.
Max Romeo and The Upsetters War Ina Babylon. One of the very best musically and sonically.
My Uprising and Naty Dread sound great to me. Uprising may actually have the better sound of the two.
UB40 makes great sounding records.
Rat in the kitchen sounds real good.
Check out a song of theirs called Contaminated Minds.