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Is Sennheiser 600/650 an overkill ?
You can find them at HeadRoom, I would suggest you also consider the AKG 271s. They are nice and will block noise well, too well at times if you need to hear ringing phones and such. They're pretty inexpensive or if you want use... 
worlds best headphones Sennheiser Orpheus ?
You might want to ask over at The Orpheus is rumored to still be available under the right conditions from Sennheiser. It is an amazing looking piece of gear, sort of like an altar. Heh, at least I saw God when I looked at... 
Good Universal Player with Balanced Outs
Thanks for all the responses. It's going to take me a while to dig through all the options you folks have given me, but I'm really glad you were nice enough to share your thoughts! 
Good Universal Player with Balanced Outs
Thanks for the feeedback! A lot of options for me to explore which is exactly what I was hoping for!Irishdog, Can you tell me definitively if the DV-50 has IEEE-1394 output, i.e. firewire? 
Good Universal Player with Balanced Outs
Just noticed the Lexicon lacks the balanced outputs also.GBoren, I don't think you're paying a lot more for the funtionality, only because I don't think any manufacturer will be creating any new players that arent' multichannel with video. I suppo... 
Good Universal Player with Balanced Outs
I took a look at the Linn and the Lexicon. They both look like very nice players from solid manufacturers. I do notice that both seem to be missing 1394 support. I am trying to get the firewire since I'm assuming that there will be improvements in... 
Do you own the last amp you'll ever buy?
I think so, but they may just need a mod or two... :-) 
Good Universal Player with Balanced Outs
BTW Thsalmon, you're right, the Esoteric does have balanced outs at least according to the Stereophile review. 
Good Universal Player with Balanced Outs
Well, the full story is that I am having a builder make me a balanced headphone amplifier that requires balanced inputs for me to drive my balanced headphones. I would like to get a source to go along with this player, so I can go off and enjoy my... 
CDP"s with digital input ?
I know Wadia had a digital input as an option for their 830 and 860 models. I would imagine the 01 probably does also. 
Best sounding cd's
oops, make that, sorry it's bee a while since I went there. 
Best sounding cd's
I've had really good luck with the CDs from Putamaya, All of them I have purchased have been excellent, though they specialize in obscure world music. A very nice alternative to the mass market crud. 
Best sounding reggae on analog?
I have Marley's Exodus also, sounds pretty good to me! 
Experience w/ Legacy Audio Speakers Focus 20/20
I compared the Legacy Classics to the Paradigm Studio Reference 100 when I was buying speakers. In my opinion, the Classics gave the Paradigms a whupping. The sound was better, more relaxed, the bass was better and the integration of the drivers w... 
I can't stop listening on my headphones.
I've had the same experience recently, excepting it was with a pair of Etymotice ER-4S! Sounds great and I can listen to classical late at night without disturbing others. Normally the dynamics are too great and if I turn it up loud enough to hear...