Best speaker cable for Maggies???


Looking for suggestions for a good speaker cable match
for Maggies. I have Magnepan IIIA's. Running with
Marsh gear.

Looking for the best under $500, New or used.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Mapleshade Golden Helix. Stupid good for the price. Try running (2) pair shotgunned.
Please explain "(2) pair shotgunned"
I have heard that MIT S1 cables are good with Maggies.
Does anyone have experience with them?
I'm running a 2M pair of Cardas Cross out of my Mac MC202 into my fully "gunned" MG12's. I like what I hear. I was running Cardas Quadlink 5C when the 12's were stock. You can pick up some good used buys on either of these to stay within your budget.
Shotgunned means you run (1) "stick" of wire, (usually one stick is both positive and negative) tied together, so you have one piece, (stick) of wire per positive and negative run. 4 total pieces of wire for a pair of speakers.
I second the Alpha Core Goertz MI2. I used that cable on my 1.6's. Hard to beat for the price. I have a used pair that I'd sell if interested.
Hi, I use MIT S1 bi wire for my 3.6's and it sounds great. With MIT coming out with their new s1.3 cable it may help you price wise for finding a good deal on a used set. Enjoy those Maggies!