Best speakers for Pink Floyd?

What do you think??
As a huge PF fan for countless years and one that has attended numerous concerts, on and off this continent, and as a dyed-in-the-wool audiophile that has heard the Floyd on dozens of high-end speakers I would offer this choice (subject to components and cabling):
- for bigger rooms the ProAc Carbon 8's;
- for smallish to medium sized rooms the ProAc K6's.

The ribbon tweeter with the dome mid and a dynamite cross-over that lets them align perfectly, makes them my first choice.

If a drummer wants to sound like John Bonham in the "best" way then they buy Ludwig and preferably a vintage set from the same era and in the exact same sizes and model that Bonham used and use similar heads and tune them up the way Bonham did.

The precise Bonham sound is not embodied in every dogs breakfast of drum manufacturers, drum sizes, batter and reso heads; in any Sabian, Zildjian or Paiste crash, ride and hi-hat or just any choice from among hundreds of different drum tunings!

There is such a thing as precision in sound reproduction....even in speakers!

Interesting question as I have often wondered why PF does not have the bass I remember feeling and hearing on speakers of the yore.  I am sure it may have something to do with the refinement in sound over the years or maybe its just my mind playing tricks.  What ever the reason, and I am sure many will consider this plain criminal, I jack the bass up substantially on my Mac when listening to PF albums.  And It works for me.  
PF sounds terrific on my Tannoy Canterbury's but then pretty much everything does.  Love cranking up the wall late at night to house shaking levels.  Neighbors are wondering what the hell is going on over there!
You'll be amazed with a DIVATECH BIOSONIC (by Jean Philippe MARTIN) Not a lot of systems around the world'll beat that machine.