Best Spk. Cables for Vandy 2CE

Need suggestions or recommendations for speaker cables for Vandy 2CE speakers. Budget is $500 used. Thank you. Rick
I have owned a pair of Vandy 2CE's, and currently own a pair of Vandy 3A Signatures. I experimented with some very expensive cable, but eventually settled on bi-wire runs of Kimber Kable 8TC. I highly recommend it (as do a number of high-end audio mags). You will have to spend a LOT more money to get a cable that sounds better.
I suggest that you not spend a fortune on the cables. I remember that my 3aSigs and my 2C's were much less sensitive to cable quality than my other speakers. I did notice an improvement using biwiresb (and vertial bi-amping as well). The vandersteen's are the most equipment forgiving speakers I've ever owned. Hey Garfish, you've done the cable comparo. What do you think ?
I used Purist audio Aqueous Bi-wire on my 2Ce's. Great cable, I just upgraded to B&W Nautalis and I'm keeping the cable it sounds great with the B&W's too. Call the cable company @ 1-800-FATWYRE they will loan you cables to try.
I am using a bi-wired set of XLO VDO speaker cables, but I am using Quicksilver Monoblock amps. This combination is very synergistic with the 2ce's. These cables will not work on a solid state amp-they are too revealing. If I didn't know about the XLO (recommended by Audio Connection), I would probably use Kimber as it has also worked for me in the past. If you're using a solid state amp, I would try MIT terminator 2 bi-wire.
It's my understanding that Richard Vanderstein uses AudioQuest internal silver cable.....AQ would be the obvious choice for your speakers.