Best Streamer for under (or not much over) $1K

I am contemplating a new WiFi music streamer (not server) with built in DAC for my stereo system. Sound quality is top criterion (contemporary jazz, classical, fusion, etc).
Currently using an old Squeezebox Duet for Pandora Premium (with iPeng app) and BlueSound Node 2 for Spotify Premium. The much newer Node 2 is acting up once in a while with failed boot ups and network drops.
Looking for one common device for all streaming services, using same control app and source selector position on the preamp. Also considering adding Tidal Masters (MQA) and Amazon Music HD (FLAC).
I do not need music library server or multi-device/room capabilities. Will be using analog output to the preamp.
What do you guys think of the Audiolab 6000N Play, or any other recommendations within a reasonable price range.
P.S., Will also consider used equipment within above parameters.
Don't rely on this and do your own search, but I read that the Audio lab software was not the sophisticated a the Node and/or had development problem. You might call Audio Advisor reps as they handle both the Audiolab and the Blue Sound. Get their opinion for what thats worth. I also recall reading something about it being improved. This stuff gets confusing. That said, they offer a 30 day return policy so if it is troubled, you can bail. 
If you find one with a decent DAC for < $1K let us know. Certainly none come to mind.
Thank you for the good feedback. I will follow up on the Audiolab software topic. I did read that their app is rather clunky in operation, but then again to some degree so are iPeng and Spotify, so so long as they work I’ll manage... If on the other hand it is unreliable then it’s a deal breaker.
Regarding Node 2si, it is my understanding that they do not support Pandora, and that is also a deal breaker. So long as Pandora is alive we will support them. 
Thanks again!  Hoping to hear more ideas!
"If you find one with a decent DAC for < $1K let us know. Certainly none come to mind." 
Hahaha! That’s what I was hoping to learn from y’all... 
Any recommendation for devices at least on par with Squeezebox and Node 2 in terms of DAC performance? 
"Perfection is the enemy of excellence..." :-)
Just came across this on ’Enjoy The Music’...might be worth looking into, should it fit your needs:

Orchard Audio Announces Their PecanPi Streamer Ultra
Orchard Audio is proud to announce the launch of their PecanPi Streamer Ultra ($799.95, yet use discount code ’preorder50’ at checkout). The Ultra builds upon Orchard Audio’s highly regarded PecanPi Streamer by adding a 5" touchscreen, built-in RCA connectors, and moving all of the connections to the back of the device. The Ultra continues to use Orchard Audio’s PecanPi DAC which also has a built-in headphone amplifier. This DAC has Roon Tested certification and supports Hi-Res Audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. The DAC delivers a high signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) of 130dB and a dynamic range (DNR) of 125dB. Digital inputs include four USB and Ethernet, with analog outputs being unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR

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Gents, thanks a bunch for all the good inputs.  I emailed some questions to Pro-Ject Audio (actually their US disdtributor Sumiko) and to Orchard Audio. Interfaces and capabilities for specific services are a bit obscure (to me) in both cases.  The Orchard requires a wifi bridge (comes only with Ethernet).  Will report what I learn. 
Fuzztone, I already have a decent solution for Pandora; looking for an integrated and reliable solution for Pandora+Spotify+Tidal+Amazon without needing an advanced degree in computer science...Cheers!
That Orchard Ultra fills your wish list except Pandora. All you need for that is a $25 Roku stick. You won't find it on ANY modern streamers. I like Spotify user stations better anyway. The Orchard has a touchscreen and it claims headphone out. I'd order it with piCore because thenyou can control with an app instead of subscribing to Roon or Volumio for another monthly bill. Don't know the iOS app but the Android is better than BluOs.
Fuzztone, thank you! Excuse my ignorance: I understand that the Roku stick would be the internet tuner for Pandora. You say plug the Roku stick into the HDMI input of the Orchard and then select the input to be HDMI instead of direct wifi? And the Orchard DAC is used for Pandora as well, correct?
And how do you then control Pandora?  Bear with me....
So... you control Pandora "upstream" with the Roku remote?
But I don’t see HDMI input on the Orchard...
How would Roku feed the signal to the Orchard? 
You can bluetooth Pandora from your phone. This thing will do that:
Then buy a Schiit Modi MultiBit DAC and you’re there at $850 for two small boxes.
It WILL sound better than BluNode.
How about a used Auralic Altair (1st gen) or a Cambridge CXN V2?  They both do Airplay, and the Cambridge has Chromecast built in as well.  

What's your source for Pandora - phone, tablet, computer?
Thanks for the many good ideas. Some comments and questions to the recent ones:
Currently my source for Pandora Premium is a Squeezebox Duet streaming directly from over WiFi and controlled by an iPeng app on my iPhone.  I want to preserve the native signal and perform good quality DAC on the original stream and route the analog signals into my preamp, and retain the full control of Pandora via sone App.  I’m not sure what other Apps retain full functionality of Pandora Premium same as the Pandora app or iPeng.
(The Pandora part of my streaming actually works very well.  The motivation for the possible change is that my Node 2 which I use for Spotify seems to start crapping out 
and I was hoping for an opportunity to integrate all streaming and control into one device without sacrificing sound quality.)
Would Bluetooth, Airplay or Chromecast accomplish that? I’m not quite clear how.Thanks again.

I don’t do Chromecast but I see they have a Pandora app. That makes the Primare NP5 perfect for you. It also has its own phone app/player, Spotify Connect and claims most other services for when you graduate to Qobuz and/or Roon etc.
All you need is an external DAC. You can start with $10 to $100 but I recommend a used (eBay or Schiit refurb) Modi Multi for <$200.
Total outlay $800.
If I was visiting England (like I had scheduled this year) I'd pick up an NP5 for myself @ <$500.
Crutchfield will help you get it going.
Good luck
Hello again,
Apologies for the delay in getting back to y’all and thanks again for all the the valuable inputs received here. Based on these I am inclined to proceed with the Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) or with the Primare NP5 + Schiit Modi Multibit (or another DAC), importantly due to AirPlay 2 capability for Pandora.
Can anyone advise whether AirPlay 2 degrades in any way native Pandora Premium streaming (192 kbps)? I am also aware that Pandora are planning on 320 kbps, so the question applies to that scenario too. 
... and same question re Chromecast (instead of AirPlay 2). 
In fact I'm learning from some search that Chromecast is better than AirPlay 2 for sound quality, but would love to hear views, especially as relates to Pandora Premium. 
Thanks again.
Hello All,
In direct answer to jag, I have not.
However, as the OP of this thread I thought I’d report a bit belatedly about the happy conclusion to my quest. First I need to warn everyone and admit that I ended up considerably over budget... I also need to recognize fuzztone for cluing me in onto some great options.
For streamer I ended up with the Magna Mano Ultra Mk II. This was the key decision, the main reason being that it can be specified with Logitech Media Server software which allows streaming native Pandora (with iOS control via iPeng, essentially same as Squeezebox), in addition of course to Qobuz, Spotify and other hi-rez services.
The Mano does not have a DAC, so for DAC I actually bought both the Soekris 1421 and the RME ADI-2 DAC FS for in-home side by side comparison. They are of very different architectures, but to my wife’s and my ears there was no discernible advantage in sound quality to either one when set up at "neutral" and with similar filters. I chose the RME due to its much more powerful tone controls, and returned the Soekris to Mod House Audio for full refund (thank you Ryan!).
The Mano took some work to configure but the guys at Magna Audio (in the Netherlands!) are incredibly helpful and patient...
The RME is pretty much plug-and-play but offers gazillion ways to tailor the sound.
I am very very pleased with the sound quality and stability of this combination (I’m streaming through WiFi). Sound quality is much better than with my Squeezebox Duet or my Node 2 which have both been retired now.
One advantage for a separate WiFi streamer without built-in DAC is that it can be placed outside the rack for optimal WiFi reception while the DAC remains in the rack for convenient control and short analog interconnects.
I can highly recommend the Mano+RME combination.