Best Subwoofer avaible?


someone out there might have a clue?
For seamless integration (and stereo performance)
between a monitor, probably The Wilson-Benesch Discovery, and a subwoofer!
What subs are the reference?
A couple of Years ago i had the REL-Stadium 3, i didn't like it in my previous system!
I had it setup, tweaked and tried, Oh yes
- even unconventional placements for both sub
and speakers..never liked it!
Got help from a dealer..still not good!
I didn't mention, i had it along and tried in 4 apartments
- did i move a lot..You bet!!
Well, it was my worst hifi senario ever!
Best i've heard was through tacts pre togther with 2 of their subs and Dali speakers!
Speed and slamm not to mention totally seamless!

Well.. i've been thinking about Thiels new or how about those new Velodyne?

Feed me input, most thankful