Best Subwoofer Interconnect Cable for powered Wilson Watch Dog

Hi All -

I am using a Cardas Neutral Reference balanced interconnect cable (xlr ends) between my Cary C12 and my powered Wilson Watch Dog Sub. Has anyone used alternative interconnects that have brought maximum definition to this or other powered subwoofers? By the way, the ac power cord is a Cardas Golden Reference.

Any thoughts from your experiences would be appreciated!

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The Kimber Hero is known for it's good bottom end, and is available balanced/XLR. I use a pair on my Rythmiks.
Another vote for the Hero, using them to drive the 15" woofers in my Montana speakers, very good control and definition.
I have had a powered Wilson Watch Dog for several years; it's a great subwoofer. To be honest I have not found that changing the interconnect made much of a difference. On the other hand I think you should consider upgrading your powercord; I've been using the new Synergistic Atmosphere (graphene) high current model to very good effect. You might want to audition this as well as other high current powercords. I think you will get a better sonic return for your investment by upgrading your powercord rather than the interconnect, although you might wish to do both depending on available funds. 
Hi, I used a pair of Kimber Hero HB on my JL Audio F112V2's and have upgraded again (it's a sickness). Here is a link to them: . They are for sale, just haven't had the time to list them. I have Wilson Sophia 2's and Watch Center along with the F112's and it sounded great. 

Billandsol, a point you may want to consider is that the input impedance of the balanced input of your sub is only 4000 ohms, which may be too low to be an optimal match for the 660 ohm balanced output impedance of your C12 (depending on how the C12's output impedance varies in the lower part of the frequency range).

The much higher 56K unbalanced input impedance of your sub, in combination with the 330 ohm unbalanced output impedance of the C12, suggests that an unbalanced connection may be well worth trying.

-- Al
 I found a huge difference when I switched from RCA to XLR. But that'll depend on what the XLR component is.....more volume, dynamics, tad lower and tighter/punchier bass. I'm currently running a Core Power technology 300 on my REL G1 sub with crazy results.......Check them out. It outperformed a HF Ct-1 reference enhanced at 13x the price....

I never took impedance into account, completely overlooked it! I will check out a single ended cable to compare and hopefully it doesn't introduce any hum. Thanks for the tip!