Best tonearm rewire - cable and service...

What is the best tonearm wire and service?

I'm thinking of having my tonearm rewired with one-piece cable from cart clips to XLR plugs (about 4 feet external cable), and looking for some viewpoints of best cable (and cart clips and XLR plugs as well while at it) and rewire that service you have experienced in the USA.

Finewire C37 seems a well-thought-of option - any experiences, and what would be a good resource to have it done?

Thanks in advance, and have an awesome one!


The recommended Service from VAS NY Inc will get you in touch with a very skilled Technician.

For Wiring Internally my most recent experience of PC Triple C wire has been the the most impressive I have heard a Tonearm I am very familiar with and have heard progress as a design over many years. At present this wire is not available of the shelf to suit Tonearm purposes. SAEC's latest TOTR Tonearm is the only commercial product that I know has utilised the wire.

As for XLR, Atlas make OCC Connectors and these are looking lake very high quality connectors.

To get a better description on XLR Plugs the Helix Cable Thread on this forum, will cover a broader range of options, where some have been assessed and commented on.    


You can try …. Very good knowledge …. He refurbished  my Fidelity Research Arms ..

Dear @go4vinyl  : Well for the service you already have posts of other gentlemans.

As important of that even more important/critical is the quality of the wire used for what you need and with out doubt the material must be silver/Ag not cooper.

The C37 could be a good option but the Audio Note is an excellent alternative or the  zavfino 1877.


Cooper is the normal electrical/signal conductor in the world and its last generation  PC triple C still is cooper that is an inferior conductor to silver. The triple C is used by   Furutech in its power cables and is used too in  LAN cables type.


If you want " the best " go for silver all the way to the phono stage connectors.. 


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