Best TT for the buck?

Hello everyone, This is my first post on the website as i have just become a member. I am fairly new to hifi audio and want to get a turntable. I want the audio quality to be very good, considering my price range that is and i am not opposed at all to going the used route and may even prefer it. My budget will be no more that 600 and trying to keep that to 500. All opinions are appreciated!
Thanks for any advice or help in advance. Ive already lost several hours on the website. its very addictive
Glad to see you are enjoying it. Sounds like you had the same reaction as me. I expected decent sound, but I was not prepared for how good my tt actually sounded.
@Brownandsandy The first LP i played was Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.
Thats an interesting topic though, there should be a thread of what people played as their first LP. If they remember that is...
Hipho . I agree that on a shoestring new with warranty is important-- losing money on a used model can't be absorbed. As 4 TT, here's what I did. I accidentally committed to buy a Pro-ect Essential on Ebay. It arrived, and did not win any beauty contests. The tonearm looks like it came from Dollar General. Sound was eagerly bright with tinny highs and weak bass. Then, I purchased set of Gavin Basic interconnects, and when they broke in, HELLO BASS AND SEPARATION !! Also, I got an OM-10 stylus to replace the OM-3, and that soothed and opened the highs. $300 for the turntable, $85 for the upgrades. I do not miss my old Rega P2 Planar at all.