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Has biwire speaker cabling become "old" ?
I'm here to learn. Thanks for the info, although most posts were off topic. I thought the purpose of biwiring on the speaker end was to improve crossover performance. I have four year old Chord Rumour biwires with four conductors each. It seemed t... 
my speakers, again
shakeydeal. I am giving the wrong impression. I seek information. My ears validate them. They were NIB in 1999. They are Danish. The company went out of business in 1999 or 2000. An assoc of a local hi fi dealer says they were not an official US i... 
my speakers, again
getting off topic here 
my speakers, again
I think VA in BB was a fluke. People probably balked at the prices, and they didn't sell. I saw a pair Bachs on floor model closeout for under $700. 
my speakers, again
Shakeydeal : When Best Buy was stocking Vienna Acoustic ?They sound better than low end B & W , and similar to low end Vienna Acoustics and mid range KEF. 
How many other trades or market places demand that buyers cover the Paypal merchant's transaction fee ? Very few, I'd say. If a name brand merchant accepts Paypal, it does not charge an extra 3 % . Nearly zero online or physical merchants surcharg... 
Simply Physics interconnects
Dill: Would you include the RCA to 3.5 mm TRS in that appraisal ? 
Best TT for the buck?
Hipho . I agree that on a shoestring new with warranty is important-- losing money on a used model can't be absorbed. As 4 TT, here's what I did. I accidentally committed to buy a Pro-ect Essential on Ebay. It arrived, and did not win any beauty c... 
"Hidden Gems"'
Got this dirt cheap from Amazon -- The self titled 1956 vinyl, the Ahmad Jamal Trio. Too cool for words, capital M Mello, a dash of latin beat, and refreshing takes on a few standards. 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
They are busy watching their home theatres in surround sound . 
stylus upgrade or different cable
Tpreaves, good point 
non redbook CD's
Kijanki, I was made aware of the reflectivity issue in a forum here. Where, I also was made to know that NAD payers are fussy. I get better results with RW in the .wav format with a loss of info trade off. All said, it seems absurd that ones comp... 
non redbook CD's
Also, MP3 is more of a problem than RW . But since I like to play music and artists I never heard before, I like to see what's playing in the display. Thus, I make my own misery. 
non redbook CD's
Mezmo. Seems I am guilty of the definition problem. I mean to say that the ability of a player to perform well with commercially manufactured CD's should not impress anyone. I want reviewers to say , "It sucks with my CD burns ", or "It played hal... 
non redbook CD's
Elizabeth, CD-RW is the problem . I should feel lucky that I have this problem with a $300 NAD instead of a Wadia, a naim or an Ayon ?