Best Tube Mono's & Pre Amps under $1000

I sold my 300 watt Adcom momo blocks and Audio Research LS3 when I was out of work and would like to switch to tube gear. I have Audio Magic Merlin interconnects, Marantz Cd, will probably use Paradigm Monitor 7, but prefer my Eminent Technology LFIII's. I like Quicksilver, but am open to your opinions. I want to see if tubes is the answer and need to keep to $1000 for now. Thanks and have a great day!
If you buy you won't regret it. I think Syd can hook you up for a great price. He does all sorts of mods(sub out, headphone out,etc) for almost nothing. They are built like a tank and sound sweet. It's my fifth tube amp and far and away the best so far. The liquid mids were what I was looking for and got it in spades.