Best tube power amp(s)-B&W Matrix 802-S3

Right now my system consists of the B&W Matrix 802's, a VTL S-T 85 amp, & VTL TL2.5 pre-amp. I love the sound actually, except for the usual faults of a smallish tube amp to drive big spkrs.--inc. some lack of bass, & perhaps not the ultimate soundstage or ability to handle large scale symphonic works (but a sweet sound nonetheless). My possible choices right now are C-J premier 12's, ARC VT100 Mk.2, or VTL mono-blocks like perhaps the 175's. Have also considered s.s. amp like C-J MF2500 or Bryston mono-blocks (whew! talk about the upgrade bug!). This is for a 12X18ft. room. I am very into the tube thing right now after my experience w/the VTL's, but could possibly go for a S.S. amp & keep the tube pre. Heat is an issue as well.....Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, steve
I found my vt100 lacking in power to drive my vandersteen 3aSignatures. It could drive my virgo's fine. It would probably be cheaper to add a subwoofer, or go with a more efficient speaker. A big problem with large tube amps is they can be VERY expensive to retube. Some of the 150W+ audio research amps get into the 900-1200 range to retube. I don't think you can get away from the heat problem.
Try the Legend Audio Design tube amps. They are,by far, the best sounding tube amps out their, they also have very good bass for tubes. Read some of the reviews on them, you can find them at Legends home page. I searched for 1 year and when I heard these at the show, I knew they were what I was looking for. I have the triodes.
Dont rule out solid state . i used Threshold s300/2 for years with the 801s (not solid state- like most)great bass nice natural sound.Not tubes but is a great match for 801 or 2s.