Best Tubes for Raysonic 168?

Can you 168 owners give me an idea of what tubes you have used? I replaced the stock EH 6922 with Jan Philips. I like the Philips much better than the EH 6922's. Better mids and highs. Anyone try cryoed 6h23n-EB's?
In my system and room the Jan's were to bright and thin,I put the origonal EH's back in! I bought a quad of Amperex White Label PQ US and put a pair in the bal I/C section with the EH's in the outside S/E spots. This sounded fantastic, I am now using all PQ's, there is a reason people pay for Amperex. Before you spend a lot maybe try a pair of Amperex 6DJ8 Orange lable to hear Amperex sound in your system and room.
The best 6922s I've used in my Shanling have been Amperex Bugle boys and Amperex (holland made) Orange label.
I have been using the Amperex 6922 white label tubes with fantastic results. Warm, detailed, very musical tubes. Definitely upgrade the EH 6922 Russian tubes! You wouldn't be disappointed with the white labels.
Bobf, They are large halo getters all tubes marked 66-13. I need to correct the S/E socket position, they are the two inside sockets the outside are bal!! sorry!! I also have some "other" tubes I bought to tryout.
Orelayer I put a set of Jan Phillips 6922's ( they were given to me by the Ray dealer to try) in just to compare with Amperex, there is NO comparison, if you thought the Jan Phillips were an improvement you will be shocked at how much more information any Amperex tube will provide, you don't know the quality of sound your system is capable of because those tubes aren't letting you hear what's already there!!! Best bang for the buck Bugle Boys, for a little less rich sound Orange dimpled getter A frame Holland. For me politically correct is less important than you getting rid of those tubes, I think the Ray is a little on the thin side(in my system) and begins to shine with a lusher tube!!!
Thanks Samhar,
I have the fully modded 128 and have tried NOS Mullards and Telefunkens and found the National red box work the best so far but will have to try the Amperex.

Bobf are those Sylvania 6922's or 6Dj8's rebranded National? I have a pair of 5751 Sylvania rebranded National, just curious.
Hi Sam,
They are the 6922-E88cc bought from Upscale Audio so for the cost I will assume they are real?
Thay do work well though.
I found the good old Mullards to be a bit to rounded but very nice,just too much of a good thing for my taste.

Not a question of authenticity only of manufacturer, I think many OEM's had tubes labeled with their brand name that were manufactured by the big names and there in lays the hunt!
Thank you everyone for your input! Unfortunately my tube rolling has come to a halt. My 168 just stopped working and is on its way to a repair facility. The last tubes I tried were Russian Rocket logo 6H23 from Upscale Audio. I thought they sounded great in the bass, ok in the mids but not much sparkle in the highs. When I get my unit back I will continue the tube rolling
Sorry to hear that, let us know what happened to your CDP and when you are up and running again!!
As a side note from Tom_hankins experience I tried Bugle Boys in the S/E (my I/C are S/E) and Orange label A frames in the bal sockets, I'm extremly please with the sound!! thank you TH!
Best of luck with your Ray.