Raysonic gone belly up, is this a hoax? Read on...

Found this recently, if this is for real ?

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Now in response to you query, I would think if the owners owed out this much money we would have heard about it somewhere other than an internet chat room and facebook. Just my humble opinion.
All I know is that my Raysonic 128 CD player doesnt't seem cheaply made at all and sounds pretty darn good.
While the employees post seems a bit over the top I wouldn't conclude that they didn't have a basis for it.

Raysonic changed USA distributors about a year an a half ago. I recently read some posts regarding repair disatisfaction with both Raysonic and the original NA distributor which were never resolved - apparently Raysonic would not perform. This distributor is still trying to sell off his old stock.

A new retailer steps in to sell Raysonic - he's never acknowledged on the Raysonic web site and within the year he is selling off a lot of Raysonic stock at what appear to be cost or close there to. Go figure. I don't know if he is still selling Raysonic, but I haven't seen him promoting it on AGon since the 'sale'.

While I'm on the subject, I just had a laser fail on my Raysonic, a very early edition of the 128. The original seller and the 'new dealer' wanted over $400 to replace it. I had it replaced by a local audio repair shop for $180 including the cost of the laser for which the 'new dealer' wanted $125 for the laser alone!

Replacing this laser isn't rocket science. The Raysonic is a very well constructed unit and should last a long time outside of the occasional cost of laser replacement. (BTW, I bought an extra laser for $50 just to be safe in the event I have another failure and this one is no longer available - a necessary precaution I think!.)
I have owned a number of Raysonic pieces over the years, including the SP-120 integrated amp and several CD players. They have all performed flawlessly. I currently use the 238 CD player in my reference system. I would not exchange its performance or sound quality for any player I have heard or auditioned in recent years. It has outlasted and bested players from Sony,Rega,Cary,Marantz,Unico and Esoteric I have purchased all of my Raysonic gear from Quest for Sound, and have complete confidence that they will handle any warranty issues that may arise.
Sorry to hear about this. My Raysonic 128 is unquestionably the best sounding player I've owned and has been flawless over the last 5-6 years.
I have owned several Raysonic pieces over the years and all have performed flawlessly. I currently use the CD 238 in my reference system. It bested many Esoteric brands (including Esoteric :) in home and store compatisons. I would not trade its perfomance or sound quality for any other sub $5000 player I have heard. I have been assured and am certain that the dealer I have purchased my Raysonic gear from (Quest For Sound) will properly handle any warranty issues that may arise.

This subject is not about Raysonic products or product quality, but about whether they did close shop leaving their employees out in the cold or not.
A similar letter was posted on 6 moons a while ago,
It's a shame what happened to the workers in that factory.

Regarding the claims of quality, I have no doubt whatsoever as to their validity. That's the thing that a lot of customers don't get to see in regard to the Chinese high-end audio manufacturers.

Several years ago, I imported an even larger Chinese high-end audio brand. The quality of their gear was so poor it defies description. There are just too many examples to list, but a few happen to stick out as noteworthy:
1) In my initial order, I received 10 of one of their CD player models, 8 of which were bad right out of the box
2) One run of their turntable motors ran backwards. I figured they'd be perfect for Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven
3) I once received a pair of their "reference" monoblock amplifiers, where one of the amps not finished, and was missing a bunch of critical internal parts

Beyond this, a friend of mine, who is one of the more well known dealers in the country, and I got together for lunch two weeks ago. He told me an anecdote about what's probably the largest Chinese high-end audio company. He needed a bunch of their DACs, so he visited the importer, who is local to him. The importer always opened each box, as he had to test every unit to see if it worked or not. Anyway, it took them most of the day to round up his order, as more than 50% were defective right out of the box. Scary.
You know, the prices of the non-trash chinese tube gear has gone up to the point that high-value, domestically built brands like Rogue/Quicksilver/Manley[before their huge price increases]/etc are often more affordable! I know which product I'd rather hook up to my speakers...

I don't ever WANT a product that has to be cherry-picked from a herd of DOA units. That speaks volumes about the (absence of) quality and (lack of) engineering. It belongs in the trash.

Yet audiophiles still buy loads of chinese gear, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of this is based on the assumption that "the HUGE savings in labor costs are being passed on to me, the consumer!". Like with the purportedly huge "we-cut-the-middleman" internet direct companies, when that was the hot new way to do hifi for less. It's only a bargain if they're building something worth keeping...and you might want to do a price check again, while you're at it.

I'm also wary of these "Designed In --nice sounding country--, Built in China" products. What do you think the chances are that this stuff is largely chinese (reverse engineered) design, with custom modifications/tweaks?
I once bought a Raysonic CD128 Tube CD Player directly from manufacturer half year ago and I had a good time with this CD player and liked very much. However, it stopped playing one day in August and it is still under warranty. So I sent emails to them for help. However, I have never got an answer from Raysonic company.

But one day, I receive an email from Susan who once was a worker in Raysonic. I was so surprised by the email and a little upset as no one can help my CD player now. I didn't believe her email at first. But when the other man sent me an email stating the same thing but different ways, his English was bad, but still be understood. And I started to believe what they said after I got no official answers from Raysonic for so long a time. I am still confused and want to make sure the truth.

Has anyone suffered from this? I need some parts to repair my CD128.

The email is as follows. Is this true?

Dear customers,
We are the workers of Raysonic Company of Taishan Danxing Audio Technology Co. LTD. in China. Our boss named Steven Leung or Leung Kam Leong RAN AWAY/Absconded on 19th Sept. 2012. Now the company is bankrupt. We haven’t been paid for the salary for more than 6 months and the total amount is more than USD30000. He also defrauded about USD 60000 from first payment/deposit of foreign businessmen. He also owes nearly USD 170000 to those material suppliers, house decoration company, shipping costs and the house renting fee and so on. His Raysonic brand is a brand that used to cheat people. The appearance for his products is garish, but the components inside the products are with bad quality. Customers had to send their amps back to him to repair for many times. Please do not be cheated again by him.

If you know where this Steven Leung or Leung Kam Leong is, then please kindly to tell us. He should pay us the salary. We worked so hard for him and we need to live with that salary!

If you don’t believe, you can call his telephone NO. of his Raysonic company here: 0086-7505626822. You will see that you got no answer.

The attachment is Raysonic’s business license. The boss, Leung Kam Long or Steven Leung is a Chinese, but immigrated to Canada for some years. He just registered the Raysonic for a few years and have already cheated a lot of people!

All the members that are cheated by Raysonic.
20th Sept.2012
Just to be clear, I wasn't defending the company up above in praising my Ray 128. Whatever happened, the employees obviously built some great products and should take pride in that. Curiously, the innards and outsides of my Raysonic look almost exactly like an Ayon CD player (6moons remarked on the strong similarity and suggested they were from the same factory). Hardly the same list price, though, and I'm pretty sure the Raysonic came first.
My Raysonic SP 120 MKII has worked flawlessly since purchase at the beginning of this year. It does not in any way look like it was made by irate, low-skilled workers using low quality materials, in fact, it is very substantially built, and was better in terms of overall musical presentation in a head to head comparison with a Jolida, and a Primaluna Prologue Three/Four combination. Its finish is also better than that on the Primaluna's - the paint job on the Raysonic's trannies is amazing.
I feel bad for the raysonic employees!, however, The Ayon equipment chasiss use to be made by raysonic a few years back, then the owner of ayon mr gerhart pulled the plug on the bussiness deal, rasonic was making there componets to look like the ayons!, Ayon now has there own facility in china, called ayon!, they only make the chassis there for the company,but they also make these entire units inside and out there, the ayon cd-7, cd-7s,cd-1,cd-1sc,,,,The ayon cd-2s, and 3s,,and cd-5s have the chassis shipped from china and everything else is done in Austria!,The quality of their top gear has alot less problems, if eany at all!, I have the Ayon cd-2s player, It plainly says on the player, made in austria!, I bought this unit because of this reason!, I did not want to go the chinese route!, I heard to many horror storys about quality issues of reliabilty!,, cheers!
Well, the only nation cited anywhere on the exterior of my Raysonic 128 is Canada, so I wouldn't make too much of that. And per the photos on the 6moons site, the interior construction was seemingly identical to that of an Ayon model that came later, or at least was reviewed later by 6moons. Whatever. I've never heard a CD player I'd rather have than the Ray 128 and just bought a replacement laser assembly (Sony), so maybe it's good for a while longer. Too bad about the company and especially its employees.
I have owned a Raysonic 128 cd player and still own a SE 30A Single-Ended tube integrated(The sound quality is like a junior version of the Audio Note Ongaku)stunning!
In my research Raysonic no longer exists for production or repair.I did hear a rumor about a year ago that Raysonic in Canada is starting back up, I don't believe it, hasn't happened. The original SE 30A int. unit is exceptional,
to bad what happened to them.