Best wall mount speakers under $1k better yet $750

Looking for opinions on the best new or used speakers for under $1k. They need to be designed to be wall mounted/book shelf, as floor mounting is out of the question. I'll most likely wind up running them as satellites off of a pair of passive subwoofers.
amp: Ideal Innovations Elite 80 (tube)
pre: Transcendent Sound line amp (tube)
source: Mac nas thru a Mac Mini, HagUSB SPDIF converter, Nelson Link III DAC
I like my digital source with tube sound....I guess I characterize the speakers I would be replacing (Legacy Monitors) as neutral. I like clean delicate highs with no stridency, and open detailed vocals. I listen to a wide variety of styles, tho mostly rock, folk, and jazz.
Rello, et al
Have you auditioned these speakers?
Has anyone had an opportunity to hear these things in action?

Is it the price range that's stumping the peanut gallery (hard to believe I'm the only one trying to get the most for my buck) ;-)
Or is it the wall mounting......or both!
I think you may have a hard time improving on the Legacy Monitors with a sub 1000/750 wall mount but good luck with it.

Here is my rec. I bought a pair of NHT SuperOnes for <300. My criteria for choosing them were: Had to be wall mounts, white, soft dome tweeter, sealed cabinet with 6" woofer, actually came with their own wall mount brackets, and an easy load (8 nominal/6 minimum).

These were for a guest bedroom with some vintage Marantz receivers. I have a wonderful wife who says nothing about my other 2 systems with 6' tall speakers, so I didn't want to push it.

Works for me.
Rabco...Yes I have. They are not the typical wall mount as the sound is well beyond expectation. I found them to have qualities of "conventional" Focal designs. Dynamic, detailed without being fatiguing, great high frequency extension. Also they image well. And they can be played loud. Yes..for your needs I think it is the best wall mount. I would actually consider the stand config in a 2 channel setup. I would recommend using a sub as you plan.
Onemug: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check out the NHT line.
Rello: The Focal Domes sound like contenders. I'll look into these, as well.