Best way to attach speaker to stand?

I have some handmade granite speaker stands and was wondering about the best way to attach the speakers?
The botton of my Nautilus 805 has a masonite plate with two screw holes. Should there be a rubber interface or spikes?? Double sided tape or silicone?
Any recomendations about the feet? Currently on a tile floor.
Personally speaking, I prefer to use some type of an audio point or spike (three per speaker).
Ditto. Even with the GMA Europas, which I had been assured were so vibrationally inert due to their cast marble enclosures that you wouldn't need spikes, I heard distinct improvements after spiking them on top of Osiris stands. You can do it with the spikes pointing up or down in my experience, though I usually turn them down to avoid scratching the speakers themselves. Every monitor speaker I've heard in my system sounded better spiked on top of the stands.
If you are able to drill holes in the top plate of the stand, you might be best off to set the speaker right on the stand and bolt it right to the top plate. Similar to the way B&W speakers mount to their matching stands.
Thanks for the replies.
Would it make sense to use the spikes and screws? Should I spike the base too?