Best way to connect Rythmik f12 with Parasound a23+ and Vandersteen 1c's

I recently bought a used Rythmik F12 sub from the goodwill auction site.  I'm wondering if it would be best to utilize the peq and plug in via speaker cables -vandies>sub>parasound or use the parasound a23+'s loop/sub out via rca to sub...anyone have experience running this combo?  



Vandy subs are speaker level to preserve the transfer function of the main amplifier for cohesion. Try that way first w your new sub - congrats :-)

You might also join the Vandy owners forum on the Vandy site,


@tomic601 pardon my ignorance but can you help me with schematics?

in my mind id plug the sub in between one of the speakers.  the face plate on the f12 shows left and right (2) positive and negative high level (speaker)  in posts. my vandersteen are model one's and aren't able to be bi wired.. do in need to double up wire somewhere or am I supposed to insert the sub on only the left or right channel?

 thanks and again pardon my ignorance, this is my first sub 

You would parallel the sub in by running a jumper from each model one if your 1 use spades just stack them at the model 1. IF the model 1 use banana, get a set or two of Pamona banana jacks The preferred way is to parallel back at the amp … you should try to find a Rhythmic manual .

@tomic601 I currently have banana plugs out of amp to banana plug into vandys.  The A23+ has a pretty thick sheath out side of gold plated posts the banana plugs sit into- could i get away with bare wires from the sub into posts on a23+ under banana plugs from vandys?

Yes assuming your amp has five way binding posts, preferably with holes for bare wires. 

@tomic601 I had a buddy with some decent speaker wire so I now have appropriate lengths of 14 awg w/banana plugs out of amp and into vandys; almost the same length of comparable wire out of holes in 5 way binding post (screwed down tight w/no exposed wire) from l/r speaker out's to bare wire eagerly awaiting the sub that goodwill has yet to ship out...

moved some stuff around and I now have a good amount of room behind and left of the left vandersteen that will host the F12..around 4 feet from corner of the room.  I AM READY!  likely my one year old son will want to play with it so i'll have to think of some sort of baby proofing..

will keep posted w/results

Awesome…remember to check out Vandy owners forum , lots of Model 1 owners there…. ;-)

The results are in: the rythmik def adds a lot of weight and space to my system...I think it integrates well on a low pass setting the gain at around 60%.

Im a happy camper and had no idea what i was missing, not that the vandys dont have nice bass extension but the f12 digs down lower than 20hz.  Adele 25 sounded great...Red hot chilli peppers UL shone as well.

Really glad for goodwill auction, thanks for the speaker level input advice @tomic601