Best way to find rattle in Talon Khorus?

I have a pair of Talon Khorus speakers and the right one has a bit of a rattle in it. I first noticed it when moving the speaker and with my ear to the speaker I hear it rattle. The music still sounds okay. I tried calling Talon but, as with an earlier thread, they seem to not be at home anymore. Weeks of calling and emailing has brought no response. I see the bolts at the bottom of the speaker and some set screws in the front, but I don't want to damage the speaker. Please help out if you have opened up your Khorus speaker.
I had a rattle in my home theatre speakers (Athena P3/S3)that was only apparent at low frequency, extremely annoying and actually very loud. I took the liberty of opening the rear of the sub (P3 part) and what I found was a cable that was resting on the sub port. Moving it 1" over cured the disease.
Could this be a similar problem?
I have cured buzzes from speakers by tightening the screws that hold the woofers in place. I was surprised how loose the screws had become. Talon uses a square drive screw in the Hawks, not sure about Khoruses. You can buy a screwdriver for this at Home Depot or Sears. Do not use your power screwdriver! This may not be your problem, but it's an easy thing to check. just put the screwdriver on each screw and twist to check for looseness. Hold the tip of the screwdriver in one hand in case it slips.
If you only hear it when you move or rock the speaker back and forth, it's probably the crossover in the bottom not being secured. Should't hurt the sound as you said.

I had _the exact_ same issue in both speakers when they were delivered, and it was the crossovers loose from their moorings. Aparently, some of the 3M materials they were using was not holding the crossover in place.

I'd recommend contacting Talon for advice, but it appears youve tried that already. Not sure what to tell you from here, but 95%, your problem was the same as mine. They sent me a replacement new pair, but that was four years ago.

I no longer own them.
Hello Rufusfolk,
There will be a lot of issues to cause a rattle. So now just do some tests to eliminate which factors may cause the problem, of cause some of test must be done while speaker playing and required handy skills.
1.) Check fit all the fittings, floor, make sure speaker stand stablely, speaker connector must be tighten up..., front cover must be removed. No decorative object is put on top of the speaker. If it still rattle?
2.) presse and hold the front plate of super tweeter, then move to tweeter and finaly the bass driver. they might cause rattle by some screws were loosing thread, press and hold the front plate may help to know which driver needs to be tighten up again. If it still rattle?
3.)gentle touch on center piece of tweeter (coated dome), make sure that you will not put the cone pops in. if rattle disappears every time you touch on the center piece of tweeter means your driver is bad, it must be reconed or replaced. Do the same with the bass driver. In the case of replacement, the drivers must be in matching pair even another driver still good.
4.) the bolts at bottom base stand is the way to access to x-over MDF board for the original Khorus, its was mounted by 4 #10 flat head wood screws. no thing esle is in this separate compartment, this may be the last stop in the case you like to check x-over components. Another factor may cause is the concentric woofer was placed inside the cabinet, it may also loose screw thread or damping materials were put to close to the woofer. If you want to get in there you have to remove the front woofer to access into it.

the rattle in my speaker was caused by the bad tweeter, it was over drove, the rattle came along with the music, it's hard to tell untill i turned them lound. i replaced them with new pair of driver at Madisound. i also replaced the stock capacitors and resistors by Jensen, Auricap, Wondercap and Mill resistors. Now sound is so much different, clear, warm and more midrange. Yours may be caused by some thing very simple that we never know untill we try. I hope all those above will help. Good lucks and drop me a mail if you have question.
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Thanks to all for the feedback, especially Millerdson. I got the speaker open and found that Talon had never screwed down the rear facing woofer. I got some woodscrews and fixed the problem. I am sorry that Talon has become so unresponsive. They were a good speaker company with a sound that I like.