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Brass screw tweak, seen in Virtual Dynamics video.
Late replying, but I have been bust @ work......For the record, I have ordered a set of brass wood screws to try first, and a set of brass metric machine screws and inserts.First, I will try the wood screws, and at a later date, if there is room i... 
OPINIONS: solid state amps under $2000
Linar 250iLinar Class A designI use both of the above.Not much advertising, does not play the magazine advertise/review/headgame. Victor Sima (owner and designer) was the founder of Simaudio -great guy to talk to, accessable, and will answer all q... 
Pass Labs/Gershman AvanteGarde
Frank, thanks.....that explains the price difference between a used 350 and 350.5 
Pass Labs/Gershman AvanteGarde
Thanks. I presently use Linar amplification, and am very happy. But, I have been thinking about shaking things up a little, and trying something different. It's tough to remember why you love chocolate so much if you don't occasionaly try vanilla.... 
SS Amp for natural vocals
Linar Audio is fantastic with vocals...I own a Linar 250i as well as the Linar Class A. (oh, and btw, the class a does not run hot at all.) 
How hot is too hot?
I have a 50W Linar Class A amp....runs warm. I can keep my hands on the heatsinks all day long. This is my first class a design amp, so I personally have no experience other than a friends Classe class A design amp, wich could fry small animals at... 
Determine final guage?
Ceraballs vs Rollerblock Jr's
Anyone? I was also thinking this exact same question. 
Affordable Power Cords
Another way to make even modest up-graded cables sound better is by adding a good receptacle, such as the ones Albert sells here on A'gon. They will make a difference, and providing yo... 
Spare change on a speaker cabinet
10cents 25cents 10cents placed at the front of the speaker. Apparently Canadian coins work better. E-mail me and I will sell you some. 
Is there any stat speaker to stick on the wall? 
Best inexpensive interconnect/speaker cables?
I recently bought some Zu Cable, the Oxyfuel interconect.I really like it; neutral, detailed, fast and airy.Along with their website, they have an Ebay store, where all is sold on auction. You can get some phenomenal deals there. If I am not mista... 
Radical thought- Use 2 pair of speakers
This might be what you are looking for. Sound interesting, anyways. 
Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
Well, Prince's "Sexy M*tha F*cka" comes to mind..... 
No Current Limiting Non System Dependent PLC?
Gutwire Maxcon that the above reviews are of the Gutwire Maxcon, there is a newer version called the Maxcon2 (squared, not two.)They a...