Best way to spike a large tower ( 100 lbs +)

 So once you finally get them right where you want them, and wish to spike them right there, what is the best way? Im on carpet so I can't slide them once they are spiked. Is it safe to tilt and do one side, than tilt back for the other? Seems like that could put a lot of pressure on the first 2 spikes and maybe damage the base. If I flip them upside down and put all 4 spikes in I will never get them back in the exact spot. Is there a simple trick Im missing? Thanks in advance for any suggestions...
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Every spike I have is adjustable so there is no need to shim. Try Herbie’s cones. Big plus for me.
I have found Sound Anchors ConeCoasters work great and I could even push my 600 lb Wilson Maxx on my travertine floor.