better sound after big power failure?

Wednesday was getting ready to put the Wall into the player hit the open drawer button and the power went out for about 1 square mile anyway was off for about 6 hours this happens about every 2 years in this neighborhood anyway must be something significant that failed I would think and needed replacing anyway next day play the system it sounds absolutely spectacular the dynamics were especially strong and quick and bass was punchier the midrange sounded more clear than usual also. So was this just a coincidence or was Edison just using old [bad sounding] worn out parts which just died and got replaced with new stuff?
You blew the power just from hitting the open drawer button? Your neighbors must be furious! Better not tell them it was you!

Maybe you are finally getting the amount of power you need instead of borderline brown out situation?

It sounds like the kind of improvements I got when I ran new power lines in my home...
The same thing happened to me after years of gripes with the power company from my entire neighborhood. The power used to blink out here for 1 to 15 minutes no less than twice a month...then they finally got around to rerouting through a new substation. That solved the problem and my system sounded MUCH better. That was over a year ago, and the power has only gone out once since...but a hurricane will do that to you!

Thanks for the info! Me and a couple shodowy people i know are gonna hit up our power vcompany and knock out a few city grids.
ill take note to how it sounds when they fix it, it might turn out to be a good re-usable tweak.
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