Better sound

Hi. Anyone using isolation platforms under their main speakers? I have Tekton Pendragon fronts and center which are truly full range. I'm still in the placement stage and having fun with their sound but wondering about the speaker "feet." I have hard wood floors so the whole spike thing will not work. Bought some Herbies big sliders but no floors are perfect and so........the speakers rock some due to the slight unevenness of the floor.
So, does anyone have experience with the newer Auralex Subdude HT?? I know they are advertised as "subwoofer platforms" but wouldn't they also do well with a full range front? Or is there a better solution? Thanks
Interesting topic. I've thought about this quite a bit also. I suppose the best would be a resonance free speaker cabinent and then your speaker basically drilled into the floor but...

Do you guys think that it's good to have some sort of spiked platform like a thick piece of maple or even concrete slab (like what Elizabeth referred to) on spikes, and then place your speakers (with spikes) on ghe platform? I figure solid is best because you've got to wonder if you can easily sway your speakers, when you are playing them won't the vibrations from the speaker cones sway the speakers marring the image etc.?

On a side note, the most solid set-up I've had so far were two inch spikes screwed in the bottom of lead shot filled stands that were mounted (i.e. screwed) onto the bottom of my vandersteens. This setup was crazy heavy. I bet each speaker weighed 70 pounds and with the long pointed spikes they just dug into the wood sub floor and were pretty much rock solid but then the whole coupling vs. decoupling debate comes into play.

I've found it interesting also that even when stands are filled with lead shot and or play sand and they are heavy and sound pretty resonance free with the knuckle tap test, they still resonate with speakers on them playing music.

Anywho, I think the speaker manufacturers should just spend the extra cash to mount a really well engineered plinth to the bottoms of our speakers set-up for carpeted surfaces with an included alternate for wood floors. Sure would save us over analytical audiophiles some sleep ;-)
Sure appreciate all the interest in a topic ( coupling, decoupling ) that has varying opinions. But it sounds like when all is said and done, keeping speakers as solid and still as possible will provide the greatest end result. Thanks for all the input.