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Who actually uses digital speakers?
Actives will be the future. Bi and tri amped, crossover done in digital domain, eq settings.  Many times, actives will beat a hodge podge thrown together rig.  System synergy is hard to achieve at times  
Honest Experience on Effects of Subwoofer Please
I cross my mains over at 100hz.  I have an SVS Ultra 13, 155 pound behemothof a sub 12” behind my listening seat.  I can feel kick drums in my chest and even throat.  Music has become visceral.  My stereo can pound you into submission.  It makes g... 
Bookshelf dilemma
How about some ATC SCM 11 V3’s for $1200?  Theres a pair for sale right now  
How much $$ do bells and whistles add to preamp?
I had a Belles Aria integrated amp and loved it!     @rustler , why not go integrated?  Do you already have an amplifier?   I’ve heard Audible Illusions preamps are nice.  If going separates and just starting out, I’f look into tube preamps, id... 
REL Subwoofer to match monitor speakers similar to Raidho X-1s?
T9x would be great, maybe even the t7x.  I had a rel s2 sho and it was too large for the totem arros that I was trying to pair it with. The reason I say this is because the sub would go from too quiet to too loud with 1 click of the volume control... 
Beryllium Tweeters - Your Opinions & Comments ??
If you have the $, the Fritz Carrera BE’s here on Audiogon right now for $2500 are really awesome speakers,  I personally liked this tweeter better than the SB Acoustics BE (Neo magnet)…   
Ripping CD Optimally
I’ll take any and all cd’s you want to give away!  I’ll pay shipping and toss you some cash for lunch with a friend.  Pm me if interested  
Speaker Questions
Polk has had some great speakers in the past!  There only really good ones today are the reserves and the legends.   Lol @ the monitor audio remark.  I love monitor audio!  
OCD audio guy naming shady Audiogon dealers by name
I think the whole world has been on edge for a few years now and its taking its toll on some of us…  
most beautiful (looking) speakers
MBL!!! I show everyone pictures of them and I think most people think they are lamps, lol.  I couldn’t card less, they’re awesome.   I like Paradigm Personas.  So many options of colors and facias as well, so quite a few options.  The new founder... 
“House” Character of Popular $20-$30k Speakers
“speakers and amps shouldn’t try to “correct” each other, but rather, they should complement each other” <——- I agree completely.  I think quite a few of us have gone about the other way for a long time  
The magic of outdoor listening
Theres some serious curmudgeons around here…   
The magic of outdoor listening
Headphones are great too in order to cancel noise pollution and listen to tunes at the same time.  Key here is to have as many wayd to enjoy tunes as possible.  
The magic of outdoor listening
Yep, agree.  My friends, family and myself all have awesome outdoor setups.  Yard work during the morning and day, beers on the deck in the afternoon with music throughout.  My brother uses Klipsch KlF20’s outside, one buddy uses Infinity Beta 50’... 
Why do folks spend more on electronics than on speakers?
Im with Ross B on this one.  From my experience, if you have a really dolid front end then many speakers will sound good.  I’ve also found that more $ doesn’t always equate to better sound.  You can get exceptionally good speakers for $2-$5k.  If ...