Better Streaming Option Than PS Audio Directstream DAC Bridge II?

I don’t want to spend more than $4000.00 (new/used) but want a noticeable increase in sound quality (must be a Roon Ready streamer). Any recommendations from someone that has moved away from the Bridge II to a better sounding streamer? I will keep using the Directstream DAC and connect a potential new streamer via USB or compatible I2S connection if available.

Stream from Roon Nuclues to Bridge II.  Nucleus in another room.  Listen to files on Nucleus and Tidal.


I have a Directstream with Bridge 2. When I read somewhere that the bridge was noisy I removed the bridge and hooked my Bryston BDP-2 via USB and it did sound better. If you are using ROON you may want to connect the Nucleus to the Direct Stream via USB, there isn't any reason to use a separate streamer.

My DirectStream came from Boulder without the Bridge.

Like a Mac's Double Burger, ya gotta ask for it. No chiz.

No experience. I just dumped it because no USB-A. Not for me.