bi-amp question

I have a pair of Dynaudio C1 speakers which accept only sigle-wire speaker cable, they are now powered by a Linn Klimax Charkra Twin stereo amp, question is: is there any way I could add another Twin stereo amp so I could run bi-amp configuration with the C1s? I know I could get the Klimax solos amps which are designed to do the job, but I am trying to see if there is a way I can avoid selling my existing Twin stereo.
If the speakers have only one pair of input terminals, you'll have to modify the crossovers to create separate electrical access to the 2 sections so that you can biamplify them.

"I know I could get the Klimax solos amps which are designed to do the job...". What job?

BTW it's 'biamp', not 'bi-amp'.
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Thanks for the answer and correction.

When I refer to "designed to do the job", I meant the Linn Klimax "Solo" is a mono amp, it is designed to be used in multiple configuration in serving multi-channel system.

I can see clearly now that biamp "Twin" stereo amp is not the way to go for me.


Thanks for your suggestion.

Playing with ideas, I could also change to more efficient floor standing speakers, which maybe be one of the better approach for me in term of getting sonic upgrade and keeping my system simple.

However, I do like my C1 speakers, so I will not make any hasity move. Trying a sub as you have suggested may be the most pratical way of making improvement. Any suggestion as to what sub(s) to try?

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