Bi-amp question .. newbie

I've been looking for an Arcam Alpha 8 or 9 power amp to match with an Alpha 8 integrated. Read a lot of positive feedback on result. But the power amps seem rare (been hunting for six months) but there are a fair number of 8,9 integrateds out there. .

Ignorant question: Is bi-amping with two integrateds an alternative? Should I hunt other brand of power amp and if so, any good matches?
Maybe. Maybe, not. Some products have switchable voltage. Sometimes, by a qualified technician. Sometimes, by the flick of a switch.
But, a good point. You should ask Arcam.
I have looked at those but aren't they 230 Volts? I didn't think I could use those stateside
I have a lot of experience with bi-amping. In short, it is very hard to do right and almost never cost-effective.
I wouldn't recommend it for a "newbie". It's more for someone who either has a very specific problem that needs to be addressed, or, is, basically a DIYer that can't solder.
If you want an Arcam Alpha 8, or 9 power amp, you should be checking the UK eBay. I found an Alpha 8 Power Amp there after searching the net for about five minutes. But, this seller won't ship outside the UK, so don't get too excited.
Just go to and do a search for "ARCAM ALPHA 8 Power Amplifier". The bidding ends April 12th. If you followed it, then, you could, at least, see for what amount they're, currently, selling.