Bi Wire Cables vs Jumpers?

Ryan R610 monitors incoming and they are set up for bi wire...My speaker cables are Acoustic Zen Epoch.Choice 1 are the solid copper Cardas Jumper Bars,$45.00...Choice 2 is a new/used pair of Bi Wire cables(expensive) and choice 3 is 1 of the many cable jumpers ($50.00+)available like Nordost or VDH,Signal,Anti etc..,most of which are silver coated copper and stranded wire...Budget being a concern which way would you go?The choice can not in any way add harshness/brightness...Amp is 15wpc.EL84..Thanks very much..

"If a manufacturer puts biwire posts on the speaker, then they must believe it makes a difference."

I think if you add at the end "in how many speakers they will sell" the statement is correct.

Some speaker makers put the bi-wire terminals on because they think the market and their buyers expect that on a high end speaker.
Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun cables with their jumpers is an amazing combo.
Regardless if a manufacturer puts bi-wire posts on the speaker it doesn't mean the speaker will sound better bi-wired. It all depends on how it's internally made. I think you need to talk to someone that owns the speaker and has experimented with it regardless if its the manufacturer, dealer or private owner. I'm sure whichever way choose to go the speakers will sound good, just a bit better one way vs the other, just like one brand of speaker wire might sound better vs another. As I said before don't be in a hurry to buy something, use what you have until you have really researched this topic with owners of your new speaker.
+1 @snackeyp .

I used to have Signal Cable Silver Resolution bi-wires. But the Clear Day Double Shotguns with their jumpers was a whole new level.
You can try that with the  Signal Cable Silver Resolution too.