Bi-Wire Speaker Cables Suggestions

I have all Classe components; a CDP-1 CD player into a CP-47.5 pre-amp into (2) CA-150 amps into my speakers which are NHT 3.3's. I want to know what speakers cables would work best. I want to use bi-wire cable to keep a clean look (assuming the leads will reach between the amps which have connections about 1 ft. apart). Also for the reasons of "cleanliness" I dont't really want cables that have "magic boxes" on them, i.e. MIT, Transparent, etc. The Kimber Bifocal XL's look nice (haven't heard them), but are ridiculously expensive.
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I would take a look at AudioQuest CV-4 it's new, so many places don't have it yet. I really like and it's only 6.00/ft and my A/V store terminated for me in house for free. It's not a Bi-wire cable so just run 2pr. Also take a look at Tara Labs Prime 1000 or 1800, your getting a little more expensive with the 1800, but the 1000 is some what reasonable. Goto Taralabs web Page and they have a Spec sheet, for your equipment put in what you have and it tells you what Tara cable would be the best for you.
Try the Harmonic Technology's Pro-9 Biwire. It is as good if not better than most exotic cables out there and the price is reasonable as well. Very musical & detailed.