Big Red Supers, the Electronic Crossover, and HF "Equaliser" Units - Can You Help Id?

Last Friday I had what appear to be "Big Red Super" components in 20 cu ft cabinets delivered to the house.  These came out of a local recording studio.  These were set up for tri-amping was included the electronic crossover, a pair of "High Frequency Equaliser Networks," and the speaker cables.

It would be nice to know who made the electronic crossover and the Networks.  Is there anyone here with experience with these pieces?


A google search led me to this description, I know nothing personally:
Audiomarketing Ltd. (manufacturing for Audio Techniques) a 604-based speaker system called Big Reds.

Big Reds are not to be confused with Tannoy Red's. Audiomarketing's Big Reds were based on a speaker and crossover combination developed in-house at The Mastering Lab, which was in Hollywood (since moved to Ojai California). The Mastering Lab developed (and still do) a lot of their own custom electronics and monitor systems. Among those was system based on 604E's and their own Mastering Labs crossover. The design was licensed to Audiomarketing Ltd., in Stamford, CT, a small audio manufacturer linked by common partners to Audio Techniques, a large pro-audio dealer in NYC (the MCI dealer in town among other things).

The Mastering Labs Crossover is a 16 ohm Network designed originally for the 15" 604E. Altec was producing Duplex speakers with a new 16" cast aluminum frame that was better suited to front loading but the stock 604-8G was an 8 ohm speaker. It is said that Big Reds used 604-E speakers but in fact the 604 variant found in these cabinets is a 16" front loadable frame, Alnico magnet Duplex with a six cell horn. That would be a "G"

Big Red's were very popular and still in use i.e. a pair hangs to this day in the control room of Studio A at Avatar Studios (formerly Power Station)

For a short time Audiomarketing made a thing called a Super Red, probably to compete with the UREi 813 that came out a few years after Big Reds hit the market but people preferred 813's so very few Super Reds were produced and sold.

Hello, I'm coming in on this very late in the game but, I used to work at Audiotechniques from 1976-1978 and did installs and repairs of the MCI consoles and tape recorders. When I was there I bought a pair of the Big Reds and then later bought a pair of Altec 416-8Bs to effectively build Super Reds. There was no Audiomarketing at the time so I am not sure what they did with them, but I do know that when we built Super Reds they used the Mastering Lab crossovers, and believe it or not, the extra woofer was a Radio Shack 15" woofer. Which is why I went with the Altec 416s. I sold my whole system to my brother when I decided to build a home theater in 2001 when HDTV came out, so I don't have any of this stuff anymore.
The "Radio Shack" woofer is actually a Utah woofer and was their best offering. Sal used this "Radio Shack" woofer in many of his offerings used with the Altecs.

I would still love to find out who these were specifically made for because they are obviously a custom offering intended for a studio in the Southern Califonia area.

At this point, I’ve teamed them with a Marantz 1180DC for the preamp and horns and a pair of Marantz 140DC amps for the four woofers. I also have the matching tuner with the scope. One of the 140DCs was recently recapped with Mundorfs and both, and and the 1180DC, were just professionaly gone over and any repairs made/solder reflowed (receipts).

I rarely use them (uncomfortable seating to listen to them) and the system could be had as a whole to the right collector.