binding post replacement nuts


Misplaced the binding post nuts (if that's even what they're called )for my speakers. Looked everywhere, and can't seem to find replacement nuts on any site, and a simple nut from the hardware store won't fit as the thread pitch is very very fine on the binding posts.

Speakers are Infinity Intermezzo 2.6p the passive version so the nuts completely screw off the post.

I have tried nuts from about 8 other speakers I own, and nothing seems to fit right.

Suggestions as to where to find nuts, OR do I have to buy a whole new set of binding posts that come with the nuts.

See pictures for nuts and dimensions.
Hi Steve,
That is a stock post. Two approaches. Call Infinity and see if they have replacements. Go to Parts Express or Madisound and look for binding posts that look similar. You will have to buy the whole post. If they are wrong you can send them back. Most hardware like that is very inexpensive. If you strike out you can always replace the entire post.

Good Luck.
Have you determined whether the nuts and their posts are SAE or metric? It's difficult to tell at a glance and the diameters of standard sizes can appear almost identical, but the thread pitch is different. Go to a Home Depot or Lowes and buy one each of all the nuts in both SAE and metric that seem to come closest to matching the size of the nut you need. 
Mostly everything is imported now, especially small machined bits like a binding post.

They will very likely be metric, as the USA is the last SAE (inches, feet, etc) country in the world, IIRC.

Some metric sizes have a coarse and fine thread, so watch out for that aspect.

M12 size, maybe?
I can't read the markings on the ruler in the picture very well but if it is metric it's likely to be M8, M10 or M12, but impossible to know whether it's coarse or fine thread without some very precise measuring, or getting nuts of each diameter and pitch to try.

Thanks for all the replies, I thought it would be easier, BUT one big revelation. I stumbled across the solution on accident when fixing my DIRECTV receiver. Turns out the nut fits an F-type connector. Connectors mate using a ​38 in-32 unified extra fine (UNEF) thread

MIKE—HK / Infinity met my expectation of a low level of service and had no clue. Apparently it’s not a ‘stock’ post like you would think, turns out NONE of the 13 other speaker nuts I tried fit. I tried some off my power amps, subs, and other speakers.

SFARI—I tried that thinking it would certainly be one standard but it’s not. Turns out it’s the extra fine connector which is not readily available.


Thanks for all the help, now I just need to find the right nut to do the job.