Binding Posts Too Small For Spades What Now?

Hi and Thanks for any help you can provide.

I just picked up an old yamaha m45 amp for my second system. it sounds fine, but the binding posts are too small for my speaker cabels. What is the best option? Are there terminiation adaptors? What's the best configuration and brand? if it helps, I'd rather not go 'bare wire'.

thanks for any help,

What do you mean? I suspect what you're calling "binding post" is really a "barrier strip" teminal with little plastic dividers between the screws, and the spades won't fit between them? Say if that's the problem, and I'll try and find a recent thread for you where I describe a workaround.

Hey if it just a second system ,cut em off and go bare wire...Cheepest way out.......
Had the same problem with Vandersteens. I ended up cutting off one side of the spade.
I had the same problem with Vandersteens. I ended up getting them reterminated with a smaller spade.