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Ayre K-1xe vs Audio Research Ref 3
I appreciate all the responses. I actually have an Audio Research Ref 3 now running with an Ayre V-5xe amp and while I love the sound of the Ref 3, I am a bit annoyed by having to replace tubes, etc. I am wondering if I would be better off upgradi... 
Ayre vs Boulder
Pranawire and Kubala-Sosna cables work great with the Ayre as well. 
To those who've tkn Vandersteen 5A upgrade plunge
I would upgrade your components before I spent the money to upgrade the speakers. I think you'd get more bang for your buck by upgrading to the Ayre K-1xe and V-1xe. 
Ayre V-1Xe vs VTL 450
I ended up switching out my Ayre K-5xe preamp for the Audio Research Ref 3. The results were not subtle. Unfortunately, I don't have a VTL dealer anywhere close (Chicago), but after hearing the Ref 3, I am seriously considering the matching amps. ... 
Cables for Audio Research
I am using a Audio Research Ref 3 and Ayre V-5xe amp with Kubala-Sosna Emotion cables and it sounds incredible. BTW, I have heard the Kimber in my system before. You can definitely do better. 
Comparing Classe SSP 600 and Anthem D2
I would like to know as well. Anyone? 
Ayre vs VTL vs BAT
More air, larger soundstage, a more smooth sound, and better dimensionality with better reproduction of the small details are what I am looking for. 
Whats better than VTL 450 for the money?
Has anyone compared the VTL 450 to the Ayre V-1Xe? How did they match up? 
Ayre vs VTL vs BAT
What does a turntable have to do with my question at all? 
Vandersteen speakers and biwiring
Tboooe, the Synergistic cables I am currently using are internally biwired. I am unable to determine the differnce that is provided by this method since I have never run a single run of the same type of cable using a jumper. Right now, I am lookin... 
Vandersteen speakers and biwiring
Albertporter, it's interesting that you added Richard Vandersteen's answer to your post. I have talked to him personally and he only reiterates what it says in the link..."Some of the benefits of bi-wiring are from the physical separation of the h... 
best speakers for Ayre amps ?
I have the Ayre stuff with Vandersteen Quatros - really good 
Anybody use Running Springs Audio Conditioners?
Well, I finally tried a Cardas Mongoose cable. While it is better than the stock cord, it in certainly not unbeatable. For roughly the same price, one can purchase a Pranawire Kensho cord which will be much smoother/dynamic/relaxed in presentation. 
Power Cord for Ayre CX-7e ????
I use Running Springs Audio with my Ayre stuff and it is great - definitely better than without. The Synergistic Research and Kubala-Sosna power cords sound great with their stuff. 
Transparent Ref MM spkr cbls- How do they compare?
I have heard most of the cable brands you mention. Certainly it depends on your system, but in mine and a friends, the Prana was better than the Nordost Valhalla, Synergistic Designers' Reference, and Kimber Select. Where the Kubala-Sosna Emotion ...