Black Cat power cables

Hi all - Just looking for feedback regarding Black Cat power cables. Opinions? How they compare to others you have used?  Thanks
So there you have it.  MC strenuously and relentlessly recommends SR at every possible occasion (on many occasions when not called for), as if its superiority were chiseled on a marble tablet brought down from the mountain top, yet this recommendation/commandment is based on...… what?
I went from a Synergistic Tungsten power cord to the Black Cat Silverstar power cord on my Rowland. Big improvement in resolution, nice increase in soundstage definition and depth and a noticeable improvement in the amps dynamics. Very impressed with the Black cat. 
@twoleftears  Chris tends to re-name his cables fairly frequently. The PC that I own is the Silverstar, although I believe it is now called the PC-1 cable. I also own a pair of Silverstar ic's...which are possibly one of a kind, as I suspect Chris either dropped them after he built mine, or changed the name., probably the latter.