Black Cat power cables

Hi all - Just looking for feedback regarding Black Cat power cables. Opinions? How they compare to others you have used?  Thanks
They are bad luck. Unless you happen to be in Germany, and it crosses from left to right. Then its good luck. The whole thing had me so confused I gave up and went with Synergistic.
Only looking for actual opinions of these cables and not unrelated comments.

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Are you considering any U.S. brands also, or is Black Cat your chosen “cat’s meow”?  Both a cute — and serious — question.
Already offered the solution. Just have to be open to it. There's literally hundreds of these things out there. You can confuse yourself endlessly seeking advice from random dudes here there and elsewhere. You can spend endless amounts of time and money comparing one against another. You can even, if you're foolhardy enough, convince yourself you outsmarted everyone and found the Holy Grail, er Black Cat, that all the other less clever audiophiles overlooked.

Or you can do the smart thing and go with the longest running most successful one of all, the only one with a power cord so good people pay full original retail for ones 30 years old. 

Frankly I enjoyed the original lighthearted version to the pedantic drone you seem to require. But oh well. At least I tried. 
OK, THAT kind of answer, and humor, I appreciate. millercarbon, I actually missed the simple answer you gave, my bad, got lost in the rest of what you were saying, again my bad. You are correct, there are hundreds of companies and millions of combinations, which is why my interest, for now, is in Black Cat and Audience power cables(which answers jmeyers). However, I will now look into Synergistic, as well, since you answered with so much patience and eloquence. Much appreciated, though I could have gone without being called "pedantic". Maybe ratchet the tone down a little...? It seems like you found your "Holy Grail" yourself, and I'm happy for you. 
I recommend you ignore Audiogon's resident shill, and look at some PCs from Audio Envy, Audio Sensibility, and Triode Wire Labs, as well as Black Cat.  Black Cat have excellent ICs and SCs, so there's no reason to think that their PCs wouldn't be excellent also, but they don't receive much comment, I don't know why.
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Thanks twoleftears for the advice, wasn't sure if there would be more of the same today, but I was trying to defuse. I know about all the praise for Black Cat's digital(which I own),IC's and SC's, but it was the lack of info about their PC's that was behind the inquiry. I don't know why, either. I've tried other cables from TWL and AS, but they didn't wow me. I appreciate the suggestions.  Thanks
Grail? Far from it. Mine are Synergistic Master Coupler, Designer's Ref .5, and Shunyata Cobra. All are early 90's and easily the furthest behind of anything in my system. I do have one DIY someone sent me to evaluate and it is in the same league, in some ways at least, as the Cobra. This confirms there's easily lots of ones out there that would be a huge improvement. Which if you heard my system, to think there could be huge improvement let alone from a power cord....   

No doubt there are many fine ones out there to choose from. The mere fact a DIY is even close, well what is professional anyway but DIY done right? The difference is nuance and detail where the best ones get the most balanced sound. The vast majority get sold because they caught someone's interest. This is just like speakers or anything else where the magic formula is to wow you just enough to pull the trigger and hopefully not get sick of the hyped up wow factor for at least a few months. Because by then you forget it was the hype that you loved that you now hate, enough time has gone by to convince yourself its just time for something newer/better. The very definition of the upgrade hamster wheel, but it pays the bills.  

That's why I recommend Synergistic. Not because I'm a shill. This is the insult of a lazy mind. Not because it is the best. I have no freaking idea what is the best. Maybe if someone would send them all to me and pay me full time I might be able to figure it out in a year or three.  

Instead I guess what I am saying, there are bigger fish to fry. You can spend untold hours and dollars chasing to find what everyone else somehow missed (not bloody likely!) or you can go with what is known to work, and work well. Not as exciting, but it is the safe play. The smart money's on Ted.
So there you have it.  MC strenuously and relentlessly recommends SR at every possible occasion (on many occasions when not called for), as if its superiority were chiseled on a marble tablet brought down from the mountain top, yet this recommendation/commandment is based on...… what?
I went from a Synergistic Tungsten power cord to the Black Cat Silverstar power cord on my Rowland. Big improvement in resolution, nice increase in soundstage definition and depth and a noticeable improvement in the amps dynamics. Very impressed with the Black cat. 
@twoleftears  Chris tends to re-name his cables fairly frequently. The PC that I own is the Silverstar, although I believe it is now called the PC-1 cable. I also own a pair of Silverstar ic's...which are possibly one of a kind, as I suspect Chris either dropped them after he built mine, or changed the name., probably the latter.