Black Hole Clayton Shaw Spatial how does it work

I feel the Black Hole is a must add on to any system, but how does it work.

Has anyone else have experienced my results below?

It makes m system come alive with 3D imagery and/or a deeper sound stage.

I have tried footers, cables, magic rocks, etc. without really hearing any dramatic improvements.

The Black Hole provides a dramatic improvement in my system (Emerald Physics CS 2 full range floor standing speakers, a SunFire Amp 5x20 watts from about five years ago, a Placette passive preamp, a JLTI solid state phono preamp (Vacuum State), Metrum Octave NOS DAC, Linn LP-12 with a low output Grado Statement Statement mounted on an outstanding modified Hadcock 242 Tonearm.

It will also make appreciate a subwoofer and/or woofer, as it it makes the bass of a system come alive (it reminds me of an audiophile version of a loudness control (circa 1970's and 1980's receivers and preamps (see McIntosh for an examples).

I originally tried the Black Hole under Spatial's hassle free home trial with low expectations (my listening room is not set up for high quality listening).

I was shocked how well the Black Hole worked.

I have been dealing with Clayton Shaw and his outstanding products for many years. Mr. Shaw offers the best customer service I have experienced(I have been around the block starting with selling stereos at Audio Lab in Harvard Square (Cambridge Ma)in early 1970's (while I was in High School). I have been upgrading my "Hi-Fi" on a regular basis ever since.

I wish I could hear Mr. Shaw's brand new full range floor standing speaker). May be when I get the upgrade bug.