Clayton Shaw Acoustic Lab's Caladan open-baffle speaker ($3295/pair).

On the CAF this speakers was big success , sold huge amount pair, if anybody this forum guys got opportunity listen this one ?


Must be the flavour-of-the-month at stereophile.  This is about the 4th thread on this speaker.


That was the sound of your comment going right over my head.


@ozzy62  Yes i do speakers also, For me  is very intresting how  potensional customers likes is different one,  Open buffle is very popular now , and i try to understand why? To get good bass response similar to other type  a enclosure , open baffle must be huge size according to acoustic low

In this video, the reviewer is doing what influencers do. He’s marketing.

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The two microphones are located nearfield to the speakers - which takes the room out of the equation. It is not representative of the SQ by the listener’s chair - where the mic(s) should be. Open-baffles are low bass challenged - which can be overcome with good positioning - in a good room.

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It’s curious that he’s released a competing product while still on the team that bought Spatial Audio from him.

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Disclaimer: I haven’t heard these Caladan speakers - only the Spatial Audio X3 at an audio show.

  1. @steakster ---- which can be overcome with good positioning - in a good room.-----  ,     I dont  think so,  Sound wave from front side of cone and back side  neutralize  each other , depending only of baffle and speaker cone size . For 2 12 " woofers you need baffle size to get 40 Hz -2 db  arround 8-10 ft by 8-10 ft ',  is not depending anything else .

Open buffle is very popular now , and i try to understand why?

@bache Open baffle speakers have rear firing information. If the wall behind the speaker is at least 5 feet, then the ear can use the resulting time delay as echo location information, which increases the palpability of the sound stage. If less than 5 feet, like a side wall, the information is interpreted as harshness. Open baffle has been popular for a very long time if planar loudspeakers are any indication 😉

I’ve heard Bache speakers several times- in a home and at an audio show. They sounded great both times- he puts his heart and soul into a design, and you can hear it. I have a very problematic room and use open baffle speakers because of their lesser bass interaction with my room. 
I use stereo subs to fill in the lowest octave that I crave; the controls- Q, gain, phase, crossover point, allow me to better tailor the bass to my room.