Blackberry Smoke....

I have a few CD’s from them...mostly background rock fishing on the boat...but caught them live last nite at the Belly Up Solana Beach...maybe 400 people there...HOLY &&&&&&&& freaking fanstic...including a nice coverlette of Marley - Three Little Birds....
catch them if you enjoy Southern Rock with edge.....awesome...they are in LA tonite.. Seattle on the 12 th
I saw them in Denver a few years ago.  They were filming live for AXS TV.  It was the night before they left for their European tour.  What a GREAT show!!!  They rocked the house down.  I became a major fan that night.

Kiss ass southern rock-n-roll!!!

I LOVE these guys.
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 @mofimadness I had a pretty good idea what you intended!!!!
still got lyrics and riffs running around in my head..... great show
crank it up !!!!
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You know great music when you hear it brother!  I had never heard of these guys.  10 minutes into their Live In North Carolina" video on YouTube I bought tickets to their Crawfish Music Festival show in Biloxi later this spring.  Thanks for this thread!
 @danorooafter the show let us know how smoking good it was !!!!


it is after all about the MUSIC
Ya gotta give a listen to their cover of Tom Petty's  "You Got Lucky".  Fan of both and this cover is great.  
Was turned on to these guys a couple years ago while working in a plant in North Carolina. The shift supervisor saw my nightmare by a7x screensaver on my phone.
Started talking rock and he told me about BlackBerry smoke.
Been listening ever since but not had opportunity to catch them live yet.
......going to see them later this year. Suggestions on what CD / album to start with would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Suggestions on what CD / album to start with would be appreciated.

"The Whippoorwill"  One of my favorite all time albums.  Not a bad song on the LP.