Blown Amp Channels

Quick question from a novice. Some time ago I fried two channels of my five channel power amplifier. I have been using the remaining three channels ever since. Each channel is independent with its own power supply, and so forth. My question is whether the remaining three channels would be likely to operate more efficiently if I disconnect the power supply to the two broken channels? Any input appreciated.
No. Since the blown channels have no input or output, they are out of the pwr. supply loop when wattage & current are supplied to the working channels.
You might want to check (or have someone check) the internal fuses. Might be a simple and cheap repair.
Thanks for the responses. Of course, I'm dissapointed to hear that I can't enhance the performance of the active channels. Would have been a nice upside. As to the fuses, I only wish it was that simple. The first thing I did was check the fuses and replace them. Unfortunately, the first two channels in the power line seem to be dead.
I would think it best to disconnect the power supplies from the blown channels. There are several different sections to a power amplifier channel and some of them are probably still working - let's assume the power output section is out for a second - and the working sections that are active will draw power. If part of the circuit is damaged, it isn't good for the working part to be operating into a non working section - just my opinion. I would disconnect the non working sections if it were me.

Seems a good point, Brad. Still using the three good channels and will likely disconnect the two that are dead. Can't hurt.