Blu Ray Movie: WANTED

Hi all!

I got a quick question for this blu ray movie WANTED with James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie.

I was playing this movie and there are 2 icons on the top, right of the screen and I don't know how to get rid of them. It's pretty annoying because it block the movie at the top right of the movie. I did not want to push around with all the buttons on my Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD.

Also, on my Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD, normally, the RED light on HD comes on but when I playing with the movie WANTED, it turns off. Is that normal while playing this movie? When I turn off the player and turn it back on, the HD light comes back on again. With other blu ray movies, the RED light for the HD always stay on in the front of the player.

Lastly, when I put on the movie WANTED, it was doing the LOADING in the beginning of the disc. I am not sure what it is loading and it may cause the RED light for the HD to turn off.

Anyway, anyone, please let me know how to turn off the 2 icons for this movie WANTED while I am watching it.

Thanks for any advice!!!
You have to get Angelina to come to your home to personally turn the icons off:-):-)
Djones1915, that is quite funny!

It would definitely break the head line news! Angelina drops everything that she is doing and fly to my house just to delete the 2 annoying icons on my TV. She is in the middle of acting in a upcoming movie and she gets a phone call from a stranger (me). She quickly takes off to the airport without letting anyone know what the heck she is doing and fly to my home. HA HA HA

If she did that, something is NOT working correctly in there somewhere. HA HA HA

Can you see the expression on Brad's face?! HA HA HA
Alright, I know this is a little late but here is how to resolve the 2 boxes on the top right corner.

To get rid of the little black boxes in the upper right-hand corner:

In the player setup menu, go to "Options" and set "Angle/Secondary Indicator" to OFF.

Now, Angelina don't have to stop by my home to fix my the issue. Brad will be very happy with that!