Blue-Book for Magnepan MG1.5?

Can anyone give me an idea of the used value on Magnepan 1.5s? There is a pair on the classifieds for $110...seems high. Thanks
$500 for MG-1.5Q/R

These speakers were made for a number of years, so a single BB price is probably not too reliable. Not sure how to adjust for age and condition.
That's $1100! and yes to me that's high, but to him that's what they are worth. I am guessing his logic is that the 1.6's can fetch that amount. The 1.5 has a different crossover, though. Check E-Pay from time to time , I have seen 2.6's go for under a grand. They have the REAL Ribbon tweeters. Oops, I probably shouldn't have said that, ;)-~ Derek.