Blueroom Minipod, after modding sound 100 better

Hi y'al,

I just finished a super messy job of adding a couple of layers of fiberglass to inner walls of my cheapo Minipods (not the original B&W ones).

Picture here:

The difference in sound is amazing, much more focused, and defined sound and now at lower volumes too, treble seems cleaner too!

It's a horrible job, fiberglass and the resin gets everywhere, but well worth it :)

Well it got kind of messy and the resin was drying quick...

So I basically threw 2 layers either side in behind the main driver and one across the middle at the bottom of the V.

2 on either side (overlapping slightly) behind the port at the bottom.

..and 2 layers either side overlapping slightly behind the tweet

I wanted to put extra on the base but it is not flat enough to do easilly

I also made the mistake of not covering (or removing) the plastic clips that hold the crossover board with some masking tape, I had to just glue the board on resting over the top of the clips. I also needed to "trim" the board slightly to facilitate getting in back in position.

I cut the fiberglass into very roughly 5" square peices.

I am sure I could of done a neater job but I figured it doesn't really matter what it looks like!

I wrapped the pod in bubblewrap and then put it in a plastic bag, cut a hole for entry, and taped down round the edge with masking tape.

Incidently the resin eats through thin latex gloves, use LONG thick ones!