Bluesound Node 2 producing distortion and dropouts

I have my Bluesound Node connected via co-ax to a Chord Hugo TT-2 and have been experiencing some issues as of late. When I start to listen to music I sometimes have a distortion with dropouts. I have found that if I unplug the power cord on the Bluesound and press the buttons on the top and re-plug the power cord, the issue goes away.

is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a signal from the Bluesound that is starting to fail and I should start shopping for a replacement streamer. A little background, I originally bought this unit 3-4 years ago,new. I used a Rega DAC then a Chord Cutest and about 6-8 months ago the Hugo. Until a few weeks ago I had great service from this unit, so I don’t feel the DAC is related to the issue. I mainly am using Tidal and Qobuz for streaming.

any insight is greatly appreciated, thank you.



Bluesound node was always problematic for me with wifi.

My puls mini is better since it is hardwire.

but… my issues with internet service in a very rural spot is where I have issues..

buffering, restarting, just break up of tracks..  really frustrating..  even the starlink exhibits these issues.  Streaming lower bit rate is more “successful” yet hardly satisfying.  Local lan from san is best.

Tmccarthy, that thought is on my radar here as well. I am hoping it is a software fix as that keeps money where it belongs. But I may be in the market for a new streamer. I would welcome any suggestions in the 1500 or less price range.

I’ve been having a problem with the Node disappearing from the drawer every day or so.  It began after the latest update to 3.20.45.  BlueSound worked with me and reviewed the logs.  After some back and forth, they essentially said they see a problem but it will take a new release to correct.  I’m in the habit of just rebooting it every morning now.  


My N130 stops working every two day like clockwork. I turn it off and turn it on and it’s good for the next two days.  Hoping todays update helps.