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Alternatives to Stillpoints
I want to set my whole rack on vibration isolators with just the regular, inexpensive rubber padding type under component feet for those compnents that did not come with anti vibration feet. what is the “best” shore scale for reducing vibration t... 
Adding even a few well placed and sized panels increased my enjoyment of my current setup for far less than any $5000 power cable, $3000 usb cable, $10000 set of speaker wires or $500 fuse ever could.       
Best place to live for good quality power
Off grid solar?    
AI and the future of music
Music is analyzable as mathematics.   yes.  But that does not refute the point that given sufficient processing power, any, and all arrangements of musical notes, in any possible time domain, can be computed, stored and then be used, in the absen... 
AI and the future of music   @mahgister  Either you missed my point, or more likely I just didn’t articulate it well. Music, as played by the interpretation of the artist and the inference of the listener through their “world view... 
AI and the future of music
Music is mathematics. Anything based on mathematics of discrete values can be computed. AI could, in theory, compute all possible values of arrangements of those discrete units (notes and their timing). Of the “songs” created, some will be pleas... 
AI and the future of music
I meant as a consumer of music, the origin of the music doesn’t much matter from an enjoyment of the sound. But the rest of the post was my critique of AI from an ethical, and practical, standpoint.  
War of the Worlds, The MiniDSP SHD vs Analog
The auto measuring/control stuff I prefer to leave for home theater stuff, which really, what is included in a $2-$3k denon, onkyo etc, is good enough. I want more manual control for music. active crossover like the k231 (2 sub outs) from sublim... 
AI and the future of music
Shrug. if it “creates” something pleasing: So what? However, no AI generated music should be copyrightable. I wouldn’t take an AI too long, relatively speaking, to create music scores that cover every way to put notes together in a “song”. Tha... 
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
Amplifier considerations, PrmaLuna EVO 400 versus ARC Reference 160 S. Is ARC worth it?
Or… Take the Carver Challenge for in home audition of the Black Magic 350.  
Low Powered Tube Amp Distorting High Efficiency Speakers?
Clip and burn.  
Broken banana plug and stuck in amplifier
Second the idea of using a screw.  Insert and hand tight (just snug), want to embed the threads in the broken banana plug, but not get expansion that tightens everything inside, then use some pliers to gently pull on the screw.  
My New Magnepan 1.7i's sound dull and lifeless on the top end...why?
I’ve high passed my 1.7is at 100hz with dual tekton 2x10 subs, rca inputs. played around a bit with sub xover, volume and phase settings for room/placement. Happy camper here..  
Tekton 2-10, 4-10 or 6-10…. Whichever suits yer fancy and WAF.