Bluesound "upgrade" 4.0

Anyone else having problems with the new Bluesound update to version 4.0? I have had years of fairly reliable operation until now. Did all recommended resets which work for a little while then a lot of buffering, favorites missing and different issues depending if you're doing the desktop app or android app. Quite frustrating...wish they would have left the older version and not released the new until fully debugged!


Vers 4.05 seems to work fine on my Vault 2i now.   It was unusable at first but it looks sorted out now.  Not crazy about the new interface but I can see and play local library now 

Had a few issues with v4.0 with my NAD M50.2, but v4.05 seems that have resolved the issues. And I like the upgrade, the blueos iPad app actually looks nice now.

I had a list of issues with both the Mac desktop version as well the Android app that was too long to list. I was having serious doubts, but all appears well now.


Amazing how much I rely on my streaming system and how frustrating it can be when problems are encountered.

It looks like Bluesound has won me back over.