Bluesound Vault Restore from Backup

To those of you out there using the Bluesound vault and the Bluesound back up software to backup all your music to an external HD, has anyone had to restore some or all your music from your back up? If yes, I would love to hear about your experiences.

I have not needed to back up, hopefully never. But I did find out that their backup software uses a type of Unix, so the backup drive cannot be copied to another drive or PC. So you actually don’t have a backup that is useful for anything else but to another Bluesound. You can back it up direct to a PC without their software but depending on several factors it might not work and if it does, it could take Days to do it. That said, I still love it. 
Well, deadhead, may I suggest that you do back up your vault. It WILL fail at some point. Guaranteed. It will NOT last forever and you will be very upset to lose all your music.  And I did read about the proprietary software which is why I’m seeking people who had real world experience restoring their music. I just want to make sure that it actually works. 
I had about a TB on my Vault but ultimately decided I would rather have my music on a NAS and was able to back up my Vault to a Synology NAS.  I still use the Vault2 in one system as the streamer to access the NAS.  In the Blue OS under folders, it offers both the NAS and the Vault2.  I have added more music to the NAS since doing this backup a couple of years ago.  The Synology NAS has a cloud back up function, hopefully it will never be required
@llarry You are right, I do have it backed up, twice in fact. But when I wanted to reuse the first backup drive, it turns out you can’t reuse them. So basically I’m going to either end up with multiple backups on multiple drives or see what happens when I try to back it up to a PC directly. 

here’s what I’ve learned about their Backup: since they’re backup software is proprietary and you cannot see what’s on it you have to trust that when your vault crashes their restore feature will work. If you are overly cautious, like me, get another external drive, attach it to your computer and just copy the “music” folder over to it. Better to be safe than sorry in my book. I would not want to find out, after burning over 1000 CDs, that their backup doesn’t work.  

Good news on BluOS proprietary backup. After burning approximately 200 CDs, the unit belched out what looked like a gasket or a belt with the last CD that I burned. Not getting any response from bluesound’s tech-support, I called the dealer, who gladly, and thankfully, took back the unit and sent me a new one. Prior to returning the old unit, I took a backup. After setting up the new unit, I did the restore and all went well. It restored all of the music that I had burned on the previous unit.