Bluetooth speaker suggestions- BASS

 Need a Bluetooth speaker that packs some BASS; portability is irrelevant, as it will just sit in my apartment.

I’m looking to find a Bluetooth speaker that has some BASS. I was looking at the Marshall Woburn 2 for about $500, but I don’t know it will have a decent bass. I also see JBL 300 / $400 (bigger) , JBL Xtreme $350.. I’m open to other brands / models available in the USA.

I don’t need portability, as it will sit in my 1 bedroom apt living room. The JBL 300 is much bigger but don’t know if it ill pack more than the Marshall.

I have a sony xb41 which plenty loud for my apartment, but no bass. They have a new one that packs bass, but it still small subs, so it will only do so much. It is the Sony srsxb43 for about $250.

I looked at home speakers, but then I was approaching $1,000, and I don’t need that much hi fi..

I’m into car audio and would like to be able to listen to music at home just like I do in my car (fyi, I have Hertz speakers, and a 10” JL Audio 10W6.


All the big bluetooth powered speakers I've heard have plenty of bass. I think they are tilted that way due to the majority of end users just wanting a boom box.