BluOS/iTunes/iMac Glitch...

Overall very happy my new Node 2i has pulled 8299 of 9603 ITunes songs on my Mac into the BluOS music library but still...

I spent hours on the phone with AppleCare and Bluesound support trying to iron out these last remaining wrinkles to no avail.

Here’s as brief/concise a description of the issue as I can express:

- Multitudes of identically-handled AIFF files from digitizing LP’s with the Audacity software have been in use in my iTunes with no problem for a couple of years. Now, about 15-20% of these won’t make it into BluOS via the import/reindex process. Upon further troubleshooting, all of these non transferring songs:

a. Don’t show up in my Mac’s finder as being in the iTunes (chain?...domain?...decendancy?.....I.e., Music>ITunes Library>media files> and so on)


b. These files/albums appear as normal in my iTunes library and are readily played by iTunes on my Mac and/or streamed to my system via an Airport Express from said iTunes library.

Any advice here would be most welcome!
I think the files were originally added to the iTunes library without being moved to the iTunes library. As I recall, this is an option when adding files to iTunes. If you can locate one of them (when playing it on the Mac) the rest are probably nearby in the same folder tree.

That's my best guess.

Good luck. T.