cdp's you had glitches with

Please post cdp's you had glitches with. Especially those which are ad in the stereo mags. Not only glitches, but also sound issues. IOW you expected more, but got less.
Seems the Bluenore Stiibert owners are taking "the hit" and now today we havea report of a Shanling gone "bad". I feel for these guys. And its our duty to members to report shabby build qulaity.
Has Cary worked out its issues with their players as yet?
I've heard quite a few customers complaining about the performance/reliability of the Cayin 17.
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I agree with Elizabeth, that SONY 101 was a real POS. Since then I've had 7 different CDPs, DAC/Transport's and only one failed laser in one unit which was immediately replaced by the manufacturer after about 5 years. They all worked just fine and the 5 I still have, still do.

Whats your point Paul? Any product made, any!, will have occasional problems - thats why they come with a warranty. The only thing that is really meaningful is if YOU have a problem and the manufacturer won't service your unit. Now that is a situation worth bringing to the attention of the public.

Regarding your recent and often posted (here and on AA) attacks on Audio Mags, what intelligent person really believes the puffery by manufacturers? Do you buy your cars by manufacturer claims and reviewers comments? I think not, but if you are really dumb enuf to do this, don't complain if you don't like the results. People will just assume you're an idiot!
Based on my personal experience, discussions with multiple dealers, and members of Agon this is the last thread on CDPs I plan on participating in because I will no longer be using one. I'm glad you've had good experiences Newbee but when I saw Bartokfan's original post I just had to respond.
Newbee point being that there are coverups going on in the digital players. Some are having issues and not reporting them. I witnessed the cary 303 with problems. i'm only reporting, folks can buy whatever they want. I'm just makinga place where folks can voice their bad experiences. If my Cayin's have glitches, I;'ll make it a point to report. Lets be open minded, certain cdp's have glitches. There are certain amps that also have glitches, but thats a whole nuther wasp nest. I won;t mention any names, I can see this topic already has flack. Its cdp's thats my main concern. cary did come through for my friend, but its no simple matter returning a unit 2 or 3 X's in the first 6 mons of ownership.
Bartokfan, I agree with you,by informing us which cdp that has issue,is a service to all of us .I almost bought Shanling,but reading here I did find some owners who are encountering minor glitches,So I decided to do more research,I end up buying, SonyModwright9000es,And I never look back.This save me a lot of money,time,and headache.I seldom post here now,I dont have time,Iam busy listening to my music..Thanks
i'm only reporting
I won;t mention any names
If both statements were true, then what exactly do you have to say? But then again you did mention Bluenote, Cayin and Cary.
there are coverups going on
I'll only start to take you seriously when you begin calling for a Congressional investigation?
Too lazy to figure the exact number of players I've owned but none have failed without abuse of some type. Even the first player I bought (Technics) back in 85 is still working at my son's house.
I just want to thank Bartokfan again for bringing up a very relevant topic. I unfortunately have to concur that low manufacturing costs can yield low production quality. I really wish I hadn’t experienced this first hand. Everyone knows that just a few vendors make the drives and a few other parts particularly for CDs now that DVD drives are the dominant data drive. The more components I see the more I’m starting to realize that professional assembly and quality control are very important and seem to have nothing to do with price. Talking to people in the business (those that are willing to talk that is) can be really helpful. I’ll say again it’s better to read threads like this, I don’t know anyone on this thread, than to have first hand experience.
Mine was a Rega Jupiter(2000). I have never had a CDP that would skip from footfall or bass feedback. Although Steve Lauerman, importer at the time did send me a complete new player, it did the same and I traded it in on an Ikemi at another Rega dealer.
Sony for of their cheap 5 disc sacd changers ...775? Raved about by JGH (!!) but he obviously didn't use it for long (if it was memory just doesn't cut it anymore...but the lousy sony I'll never forget, and never buy another one)!
Shanling CDT 100, it never read CD's well, now it has to be turned off and on to read a new CD. Sounds nice though.
On the other hand, I had a Copland 206? I can't remember, for 4 years before that and now it has had incredible abuse from my son for 3 years, never a moments problem with it.
A glitch, how about a death. An Audio Aero prima early edition non upsampling maybe 5 years old whose transport died and cost more than player. Now a 3 year old Jolida100A whose electronics are fine but the tray slips slightly out of position. Jolida just says send it in we'll discuss rates later. My dealer pal says they only do one repair which is the replacement of the whole transport. I think I'll just put it back in place with a miniscule amount of potent adhesive and save or sell it. It sounds great when the tray is gently adjusted. As for Junk my Sony 5 cd player from the 80s would qualify for worst sounding Cd player I have endured. To think that a $40 universal kicks it's tail all over nowadays.
An old Sony player from the 80's that start giving problems going into the 5th year of use. Even the technician gave up and refused to attend to the piece of junk after several times of servicing and repair. It eventuall7y ended up in the garbage truck.

Having that said, the XA7ES from the mid 90's stands out from Sony's mass-market junk and remains a true gem on its own.
My Resolution Audio CD55 had its transport go out. The manufacturer informed me that the transport was NLA and that the unit could not be repaired. He offered a credit for the defunct unit against the purchase of the new Opus 21 model. I was quite disappointed as I believed the unit to sound excellent, and I didn't have any spare bucks at the time.
Sorry to hear about your Jolida problems. All too often we tend to evaluate component usage by years instead of hours. Statistically a cd player (or amp or preamp, etc.) used 5 hours per week should last far longer than one used 30 hours per week. Stands to reason.
There is a reason that inexpensive players such as Jolida, Cayin, Rega, Eastern Electric, etc. are inexpensive. Now I'm not trashing these products; they serve a useful purpose and have a strong following. However, in order for the manufacturers to sell products at these levels, corners must be cut including cheap labor and low quality parts. So long as there is a demand for $800 cd players, somebody will make them.
Good luck.
True, some chinese tube players are cheaply made. MHZS seems to be a fair value at $600. Where in this world are you going to get a tube cdp for $600? cary starts theirs at $3K. Is the Cary 5 X's better? I seriously doubt it.
If the Cary breaks you have warrenty and is hassle free for the 1st yr, after that I'm not sure. If(god forbid) the chinese tube player braeks after one or 2 yrs, you throw it away and buy another. Both my Cayin have been glitch free going 2+ yrs now. The tech guy who changed the opamps onboth said both players were finely built. But agree the 2 chinese players have cut corners to offer the low price. But for $200 the opamps can be cahnged and bring the player up to players costing 2X's more.
I would think that any manufacturer of fine electronics would "want" to go beyond the warranty expiration to take care of "their" customer base, if not, then company names are strewn about, as in this post, and the end result is bad publicity, which in effect, kills business... Manufacturer's take heed...